Ripple Is Looking To Hire Senior Director To Lead its CBDC Strategy

The San Francisco-based blockchain payment technology firm Ripple seems to be paying attention to the development of a strategy for Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs). The firm is looking for a person who has expertise in dealing with central banks’ initiatives of central bank digital currencies. Ripple is currently looking for a Senior Director, as it says in its recent job posting.

With expertise in CBDCs, Ripple will want the new Senior Executive to lead its strategy for Central Bank Digital Currencies. Moreover, he will be required to build partnerships with central banks all across the whole world and collaborate with them to support their CBDC initiatives on XRP Ledger. While describing key responsibilities for the new person, the firm said that the new Senior Director will also need to educate global central banks.

As the firm said:

“Ripple is looking for a leader to lead our strategy, partnerships and project work with central banks around the world with an initial focus on supporting their central bank digital currency (CBDC) initiatives on XRP Ledger. In this role, you will define and lead Ripple’s strategy with central banks, build relationships with and educate central bankers around the world. The crucial role will also be responsible for securing and managing partnerships with central banks to build and deploy projects.”

For this post, only those can apply who have experience of around 10 years in dealing with the fields of account management or technology sales.

This job posting announced by Ripple shows that the firm is clearly intended on implementing its technology for the development of central bank digital currencies. Therefore, it is trying to build relationships with central banks all around the entire world as a part of its new CBDC strategy. And that is the reason the firm is seeking an expert or specialist in central bank digital currencies who can fit into the post of senior director and can define and lead the firm’s strategy with central banks.

The Senior Director of Global Operations at Ripple Emi Yoshikawa said, back in the month of August, that their native digital currency XRP is not in competition with central bank digital currencies rather the third-ranked cryptocurrency will complement them. Ripple plans to bridge the gap between fiat currencies and centralized digital currencies. However, it is not known so far whether the firm has any kind of involvement in pilot trials of central bank digital currencies.