QuantBitex Review – A Recommended Cryptocurrency Broker

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QuantBitex is a recommended broker for cryptocurrency trading, the broker offers all of its clients an intuitive trading platform with good customer service. You can sign up in the link below or continue reading the full QuantBitex review to learn more about QuantBitex.

QuantBitex Review

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If you are new to this field and have just recently gotten interested in trading, then everything might come off as complicated and scary. Brokers like QuantBitex still exist and make it easier for traders. I thought that since I had heard a lot about this broker, it is my responsibility to write a QuantBitex review to let people know about this brokerage firm. As trading has shifted to an online mode, many risks have also arisen. There is always a constant concern that your funds and information might not be safe on the web. There are many other concerns too, which have scared off so many newcomers. That is why it is understandable that new traders would want a certain guarantee and that they would be hesitant in trusting brokers.

A lot of frauds and scams have also shaken the financial market, as it had impacted both traders and brokers. When a hacker gains access to any information or an account, their priority is to get as much money out from the market as possible. To do this, all they need is any loophole so that they can reach a platform and do their job. Scammers do the same but in a smarter way and get money out of them using smart techniques. They have done this for ages now, and their usual targets are new traders as they are easier to manipulate and get money from. On the other hand, traders who have spent quite a time in the trading market know how to avoid such scams. They can usually differentiate between an authentic and genuine broker and a fake one looking to make money.

Therefore as a trader, it is always best to be on the lookout for such risks and take any preventive measure possible. In order to make trades happen, you have to choose a broker, but you should carry research on it before you finalize anything with the broker. Make sure to choose one that is trustworthy and can provide you with the experience and advice that will aid you in your trading career and be able to improve your trading strategies while you trade with assets. This way, you will be able to make profits and have a good experience in the financial market. QuantBitex is known to be a really good broker that is very reliable too. Continue reading, and you will find out why.

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I will discuss the features of QuantBitex that have made it a very distinct and reputable broker in the financial market. Some of these features are customer support, flexibility, and many more. But to do QuantBitex justice, I will discuss all of these features in great detail so traders can get an idea prior to choosing it.

Customer Support

Providing traders with a very strong and stable customer support system is a must. However, many brokers overlook this part and ignore the fact that their customers would be in dire need of help and would really struggle if they do not find any. Sometimes brokers limit their customer support to just a FAQ section where previously asked questions are posted along with their answers. The problem with doing this is that it restricts the customers, as the FAQs are or may not be so regularly updated. It also means that not every concern is possibly listed there because traders are diverse, so that means their concerns will also be different.

That is why QuantBitex is known to be a great broker as it provides options for the customers to choose from when they need help. It does have a FAQ section on its website, which is easily findable. But other than that, it also has an option for the customers to call the team or even email them. The reason why QuantBitex has allowed this is because it has recognized that traders might struggle whilst signing up or navigating the system, and they will not always find the answer in the FAQ section.  Due to QuantBitex’s considerate and mindful quality, it has made its customer’s lives easier by providing them with ease to reach the customer support system whenever they want.

It has allowed the customers to reach out for help during the weekdays. So its customer support is available 24 hours during the weekdays, that is from Monday to Friday. Other than that, the team available at QuantBitex is extremely experienced as they have consciously been trained so that they can cater to a trader’s problem no matter what it is. Traders can be assured that if they do sign up with QuantBitex, they will not have to struggle because it is a broker which highly regards the customers and actively wants to help them out.

Many payments choices

When you trade online, having different payment options to choose from poses a benefit because it means that you do not have to go out of your way to get money in or out. A lot of times, customers get annoyed too when they have to spend a lot of time during a payment procedure. When you want to start trading, the first step is to make a trading account and then deposit the due amount. If the broker requires a payment method that does not suit you or requires you to sign up at a certain bank, then it is a waste of time and is very unnecessary. But QuantBitex has simplified the process so that its customers can start trading quickly and easily.

Therefore, it has allowed customers to use any of the following options to make deposits or withdraw their money. These are wire bank transfers, use of credit or debit card, and others too. There are many options when it comes to using cards. These include Maestro and Visa. Lastly, it also accepts the use of Bitcoin. Through this variety of payment options, you can choose the one which is most convenient for you. This way, you will not have to sign up for any additional account or process and can save time by choosing that option to deposit and withdraw an amount which will save time.

QuantBitex is also very considerate and easygoing for its customers as it does not charge any commission for transactions. Whether you are depositing money or withdrawing money, it does not charge you anything. But rather has made it a completely free transaction process. This shows that it is a genuine broker, unlike other brokers who seek ways to charge customers in one way or another.

Good Security Infrastructure

To start working with a broker, you have to make an account on its site or platform, and then you have to deposit an amount which is basically your investment. For traders, any amount is a significant amount because it can be used to trade and make further profits. If anything is to happen to this amount, then it can seriously affect their trading career. Therefore, traders take their security very seriously and seek out brokers who ensure that a secured system is in place. With the risks increasing in the trading market, traders have become more cautious, and brokers have come under scrutiny.

To assure customers of safety, brokers have to incorporate a secure system in the first place, which would assure traders that they can invest the amount and not fear hackers getting access to it. Hackers are really feared in the trading market because they target trading platforms in order to get money out of them illegally. To protect a site against hackers, proper systems have to be installed, and security policies need to be followed. QuantBitex is a site that protects its platform, as well as its customers, from hackers and other harms.

Therefore it has used the most recent and updated software to prevent any unwarranted user from accessing its platform. The first barrier against them is protection software. Then it uses SSL encryption which is meant to keep information secure. This encryption means that any information you enter is protected and hidden as soon as you type it into the site. This software is so advanced that, first of all, any information you have entered cannot be seen, but even if they get access to it, it is of no use to them. Because to protect all the information, it is turned into random codes which cannot be broken nor understood. All of this information regarding the security policy is updated on the website. This way, traders can read it completely before they make up their minds.

QuantBitex is a good broker which prioritizes security over everything, and it is not one of those trading platforms that would try to save money rather than guarantee safety.

As a customer, you might fear your safety and whether your funds would be secure when you start working with a broker. However, just like any trader, everyone fears this, so to assure everyone, one of the policies that have become really common and sought after is the KYC policy. This stands for Know Your Customer, and it basically means that the customer has to follow certain criteria in order to be verified and to start trading. QuantBitex is a site that takes everyone’s safety and concerns into consideration. To secure its site from scammers and anyone with ill intent, it has also equipped the KYC policy.

This policy ensures that whenever someone signs up with QuantBitex, they cannot start trading till they have been verified. In order to get verified, they have to submit two documents. The first is a government-issued one, such as a passport, identity card, or driving license card. The second is a utility bill, such as an electricity bill which confirms a trader’s address to their given name. Once this stage has been passed, the account is verified, which means you can start trading. This is a one-time step that is just necessary to authenticate a trader so that the broker can be assured that no fake accounts are being made.

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Unique auto-trading Feature

Auto trading is a feature that is trending massively in the financial market. It is something that nearly every trader is on the search for. It is on the rise and is really preferred due to the accuracy and high profits that it provides. This feature is not like having a human trader or broker help you because they are bound to make a mistake. Rather it is a robotic feature that helps to erase any error possible. However, despite it being a hot feature these days, not many brokers have the capacity to provide their customers with such a feature. But QuantBitex is one of the rare brokers who have been able to get a hole of it so that its customers can experience auto trading.

Automated trading on the QuantBitex site is not just reserved for professionals. Rather it is accessible for both beginners and experienced traders because this way, they can improve the trades in the financial market. In order to make precise decisions whilst trading, statistics are used to strengthen the decisions. This way, a thorough study has been done before any trades start. Basically, when you make an account on QuantBitex, you will not have to do the trades yourself because everything will be handled.

Different Accounts

A lot of brokers have started providing options for accounts. However, not many include the proper features as they still restrict traders somehow. At QuantBitex, this is not an issue. It provides a total of four accounts. Yet they all target different types of traders, but still, it manages to incorporate the features and services that the traders would need. For instance, the order of the accounts is basic, then silver and the last two include gold and platinum. The basic account can be used by beginners. This way, they do not have to invest a lot. They just deposit 250 EUR to start trading. The amount continues to increase when you move ahead towards the advanced account types. For a premium account, you have to deposit 100,000 EUR, and it comes with many benefits for those who want to trade on a larger scale, such as VIP traders.

Educating Traders

To further improve your trading skills and keep adapting to the new trends in the financial market, it is important to keep learning, and that is what QuantBitex focuses on too. It provides lots of educational material that teaches how to use certain trading tools to profit in the trading market. It also gives traders the chance to have one on one private training sessions. It is important to keep in mind that although QuantBitex is an automated trading platform, to be on the safe side, a trader should still be aware of trading information.

Leverage System

This is a system that basically helps traders when they invest in assets or trade with them. Many brokers have used this and exploited customers with really high leverages or no leverage at all in order to scam them and then get money from them. This is why you have to be careful when you choose a broker. The leverage is an amount invested by the broker in order to help you trade or invest in an asset. This way, even if you cannot afford it at that time, they can still help you. But the higher the leverages, the higher your possible loss can be. Let’s say the investment is not successful or something goes wrong, then that is the amount due.

QuantBitex is very good in this manner. It has a very beneficial leverage system. The way it works is that the leverages increase as your account type goes higher. For the basic account, the leverage is 1:50, which is great for beginners. Then for the next one, which is silver, the leverage is 1:100. For gold, it is 1:200, and lastly, platinum is set at 1:400. Because QuantBitex is also an automated trading platform, you do not have to worry whether they will use leverages as a way to be greedy and neither will they be able to use your investments for any additional investments.

Good investment rates

When you join trading, it is important to keep loans in mind. This is a very common thing in trading. When brokers charge their traders really high interest on loans, when you sign up for a trading platform, and the investment amount cannot be afforded, then you can take a loan from it. Or if there is ever a time that you owe someone an amount, but you do not have it all, then the broker can help you out. QuantBitex has made this suitable by setting a certain interest rate per account. According to the order of accounts it goes, basic 10%, silver 20%, gold 30%, and platinum 40%. So it does not charge customers huge amounts of interest on their loan but makes it easier for them.


QuantBitex is one of the most transparent brokers. It has provided such an amazing support system. It has also placed some of the best rates for the account, for loans, for leverages, and prioritizes customers’ ease and success in every department. It takes customers’ trust very seriously and does not exploit it in any way for personal gains. But rather, it still tries its best to assist them by providing each service according to their needs. This is a broker that I would definitely recommend due to its performance and reliability.