PrimeHolders Review – DAEX Multi-Asset Cryptocurrency Trading Platform

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PrimeHolders simple but sleek user interface feature allows users to navigate the network easily. The trading platform is intuitive and comprehensive for smooth trading. Investment is a risky venture but PrimeHolders makes it safe. This digital asset platform has constantly taken to reducing the trade risks of their clients.

PrimeHolders Review

Trusted Exchange

Trusted Exchange

Digital asset trading opens doors to financial bliss tomorrow and gives saving a new dimension. Although the cryptocurrency market is relatively new, it has experienced a significant rise due to its huge short-term unpredictable interests. One of the things that makes this market so exciting is the volatility of cryptocurrencies. The rapid movements of its prices allow it to position itself for buying or selling, but they also increase the risk of loss. So, if you decide to explore the cryptocurrency market, make sure you have researched it beforehand and have developed a risk management strategy.

Lacking centralized governance, the cryptocurrency market is generally available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Transactions are made directly between individuals, on exchange platforms located all over the world. However, there may be downtime during which the market adapts to infrastructure updates. Digital asset traders stand the chance of enjoying better liquidity. Liquidity is a measure of how quickly and easily a cryptocurrency can be converted to cash, without impacting market prices.

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Liquidity is an important factor that allows better prices, shorter transaction times, and more precision in terms of technical analysis. In general, the cryptocurrency market is considered illiquid (or illiquid) because the transactions are dispersed across multiple trading platforms, which means that relatively small transactions can have a huge impact on market prices. This is partly the reason why the cryptocurrency markets are so volatile.

However, with digital asset trading platforms, you can get better liquidity when trading cryptocurrencies because they get the best prices from data from several stock exchanges. In other words, your transactions will generally be executed faster and at a lower cost. Buying a cryptocurrency means buying the asset in advance in the hope that it will gain value. But when you trade on a cryptocurrency, you can take advantage of falling and rising markets.

Profits or losses from your cryptocurrency transactions will reflect the total value of the position at the time it is closed, so trading with leverage gives you the opportunity to make significant gains from a relatively small investment. However, losses can also be magnified and could even exceed your initial deposit for each individual transaction. This is why it is crucial to carefully consider the leverage system of a digital asset platform before selecting one.

It is also important to establish an adequate risk management strategy, which should include appropriate stops and limits. Buying or selling cryptocurrencies involves going through an exchange platform, which requires creating a currency account and storing the cryptocurrencies in your own digital wallet. This process can be restrictive and time-consuming with some platforms but easy and pleasant with others.

When you search for a cryptocurrency trading platform, what do you look out for? What do you have in mind? Surely, you seek a digital platform that offers exclusive opportunities and gives you an edge over users of other platforms. That’s a logical concern, like every other investor you want a platform that offers solutions to your trading needs and pays attention to your pain points without requiring you to pay as much on commission rates.

If that is what you have in mind, PrimeHolders digital asset platform should be a prime consideration for you. Not to worry, we have evaluated the PrimeHolder platform in detail. You only need to take the time to go through this review. Reviews such as this one yo a background knowledge on platforms you intend to pick. They are a strong tool in your research process. Are you considering signing up with this platform? It is important you read this carefully if you intend to choose this platform.

Overview of PrimeHolders

You certainly want a platform that gives you an extra advantage over others. You want to make an informed decision. You want to go for the best that you deserve. PrimeHolders offers lots of exclusive features that are not existing on other platforms. The platform is comprehensive and enticing. As a beginner or investment enthusiast or a visitor to the platform, you would find the user interface smart and simple.

Their simple but sleek user interface feature allows users to navigate the network easily. The trading platform is intuitive and comprehensive for smooth trading. You would not have to worry about the dilemma of losing your funds or personal data. PrimeHolders has implemented severe security measures to guarantee your safety. Your personal data is encrypted on the system and several policies are put in place to ensure safety.

PrimeHolders platform has constantly maintained active relationships with banks and global regulators in a bid to ensure security. There are strong firewalls in place and DDOS protection on the platform. Nevertheless, they have taken appropriate measures to facilitate deposits and withdrawal procedures. The security strategy is also outstanding and leverage trading is an extra positive feature because it opens up the chance of significant returns without any additional capital.

PrimeHolders platform offers you the options of some outstanding cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum amongst others. There are a variety of assets you can select from. The platform eliminates all the nuisance and strives to render the easiest cryptocurrency trading possible. The platform is comprehensive to both newbie trades as well as experts.

PrimeHolders has set up a very unique, rich, and automated trading package that guarantees to aid traders in procuring substantial profits in the shortest possible time. There are advanced trading tools accessible on the system. PrimeHolders has also worked on using the most innovative technologies in order to provide its users with a stress-free and smooth trading experience.

Outstanding benefits of PrimeHolders platform

  • An Intuitive Trading Platform

Prime holders trading platform has developed a web-based trading platform that can be accessed by users all over the world with multiple devices. One feature that investors look out for in the trading platform is a user-friendly experience. Prime holders platform is not just user friendly, but also beginner-friendly.

If you are just starting out in the financial asset trading world, you should seek a platform that is less complicated. It is important that the platform has a simple user interface. Prime holders are fast becoming a powerful trading tool developed with premium technology and efficiency.

This platform makes trading and investing an easy task. PrimeHolder platform has gone forward to develop a mobile-based platform to increase the efficiency and convenience of users. This trading platform certainly has an interest in making trading activities easier for users.

  • Variety of assets available

Certainly, you want to trade financial assets, but which one exactly? The market has grown over time and a variety of assets are now available. Prime Holder also offers a variety of assets on its platform. This amazing feature has constantly endeared users to the platform. You can specifically choose your preferred assets and begin trading.

However, most individuals are drawn to bitcoin. Bitcoin is a widely known cryptocurrency and many investors deem it as an international asset that ensures the security of funds. Over the years bitcoin has become expensive. You basically don’t have to trade in bitcoin, they are several other cryptocurrencies that offer the same benefits as bitcoin. Most trading platforms do not offer a variety of assets.

Luckily, that is not the case with PrimeHolders. The digital asset platform offers a variety of cryptocurrencies in its asset index. You stand the chance of choosing from Bitcoin, Ripple, Ethereum, Litecoin, and many that. that are also doing quite well in the market. Traders can also decide to skillfully diversify their assets, this would reduce risks and increase earnings.

  • Low Fees and Charges

As a trader, you always have an option of trading with a platform that charges lower fees for their services. High fees and charges are one of the greatest fears of traders. The dilemma of having to cut your profits to pay high commissions can be frustrating. Not to worry, digital asset trading has curtailed this fear.

With PrimeHolders, you get to pay low fees and charges. This digital asset is a great option, as you would not have to give away your hard-earned profit in high commission fees. PrimeHolders are transparent about their trading fees and commissions. It would interest you to know that this platform does not charge hidden fees. Their rates are well known to their users and traders. When compared to other trading platforms, PrimeHolders fees are less expensive and reasonable. 

  • Easy payment and withdrawal

With PrimeHolders platform payment and withdrawal is easy. Most times, distal asset platforms charge a lot for processing payment and withdrawal. PrimeHolders differ from other trading platforms because they offer a free and easy transaction method.

They cover all processing fees incurred by payment and withdrawal. Traders get to make transactions without paying processing fees. This platform takes the responsibility of dealing with all expenses associated with payment and withdrawals.

This what makes this platform a great option, traders get to make transactions easily and promptly without incurring processing fees. This is one advantage this digital asset platform has over other platforms.

  • Maximum Security

No investor would love to loose even the least amount of money on investment. Fund and data security is a very important consideration in choosing a trading platform. Your funds must be secure to gain your intended return on investments. When you decide to share your funds or personal information online, you must be very sure about the security of the digital asset platform you select.

There have been a series of cases where traders lost their funds simply because of the security issues of the trading platforms they use. PrimeHolders has left no stone unturned on the issue of security. In fact, they have provided high standard technology to ensure the security of users’ funds and data. They have taken adequate steps to protect the funds and personal data of users.

How do they guarantee security? PrimeHolders keep their wallet infrastructure separate from the primary platform. They ensure that all deposits made by users are backed up to cold storage automatically. Data encryption is another technology tool used by this platform to protect the private data of clients. Every information entered into the system is automatically encrypted to ensure security.

They also effectively use DDOS protection, IDS, and Web Application firewalls as well as segregation of responsibilities so a single individual cannot alter the processes of the system. Regular backing up of encrypted data is performed to prevent loss of information. Moreover, the AML (Anti-Money Laundering) and KYC (Know Your Customer) policy is set in place for the safety of the users to prevent any dubious individuals from gaining access to the platform.

PrimeHolders platform maintains both fiat and digital reserves for customer funds. Credit trades are not supported,  funds are kept apart from broker’s funds. Audits are routinely operated by a third party to ensure transparency.

  • Effective Customer Support

Every asset trader needs good customer support. The financial asset trading world is complex, especially for a beginner. Investors need information and could encounter problems sometimes. PrimeHolders platform has developed reliable customer support to cater for the problems you might encounter in the financial asset market. Daily, their reliable customer support answers to tons of questions put up by customers.

They ensure that they give out quality information to clients and find help for customers that need it. Their patient customer support allows you to air your views, you can also drop pressing questions on the email. If you are not clear on the processes or security measures used, PrimeHolders customer support would provide you with quality and comprehensive response.

They provide a response time of at most 48 hours. The customer care team is knowledgeable in the area of digital asset trading, so you can completely trust their answers. They could help you get started on the platform, intimate you on how to operate your account, add find and make trades. They would also give you information on the platform policies and rules. The goal is to ensure that the customers are comfortable, informed, and knowledgeable.

PrimeHolders platform has an interest in making sure that investors have smooth h trading experience. The customer care is always available to reach out to you and give out the best solution to your problems.

  • High-frequency trading

This special feature can enable you to earn substantial profits in a short amount of time. How? the platform allows you to apply leverage without having to put in any extra capital. Although the risk involved might be alarming, Primeholders strives to help its traders in reducing their risks by creating options for the use of two types of stop-loss orders. This makes sure that their losses stay at the lowest possible rate and their capital remains secure.

  • Several payment options available

There is also a variety of payment methods available. This allows users to make transactions with ease. Unlike some platforms that offer limited payment options, PrimeHolders offer their clients a variety of payment options.

 These payment options include bank transfer, debit, and credit cards. The funding options given at PrimeHolders are prominent ones. Client’s can consider debit and credit cards as well as bank transfers. Various currency options are supported by this platform.

  • Innovative system of copy trading

The platform has developed a clever system of copy trading. This feature is very essential to traders especially beginners. Each client has the option of copy trading, this implies that you can follow the best traders in the market and directly copy the trades they make in order to make a favorable able profit from them.

When you browse through the various traders who also use PrimeHolders’ network, you might come across impressive and profitable transactions and expertise of a user, the platform gives you an alternative of copying their trades. Immediately you click on the copy button, your account will instantly copy the trades that have been implemented on the account of the expert. This innovation has aided many traders to earn mind-blowing profits just with a click.

However, there are some shortcomings of PrimeHolders you might have to consider carefully.

Firstly, traders from certain countries like US cannot use this platform. This is because PrimeHolders platform is not licensed to operate in those countries. In fact, there are a number of countries on their none trading list. You should clearly confirm whether your country is one of them.

Another issue proposed by some traders is the fact that their customer support is not as strong as those of other trading platforms. Some traders consider PrimeHolders’ customer support to be limited when compared to other digital asset platforms.

The financial asset trading world is naturally complex and complicated but PrimeHolders makes it extremely easy through salient features offered. From transactions to trading, every trader need is efficiently covered. Not to add that commission rates are very low. With PrimeHolders, trading is now pleasant and favorable with the copy trading.

Investment is a risky venture but PrimeHolders makes it safe. This digital asset platform has constantly taken to reducing the trade risks of their clients. The two types of stop-loss orders provide for stress-free and loss-free trading. The platform cares about your profit frequency, they have made options for a leverage system that costs you no extra charge.

Their sign up procedure is simple, you would not need to spend hours. Investing in cryptocurrencies does not have to be hard, everything gets even better when you choose the right platform. Considering the distinct features offered by PrimeHolders, the digital asset platform is a great choice for both experienced and inexperienced traders.

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