Price Analysis of VIRAL (VIRAL), Metaverse VR (MEVR), and Kulupu (KLP)

Let us go through the performance analysis of VIRAL (VIRAL), Metaverse VR (MEVR), and Kulupu (KLP) to see how they have performed in the past 24-hours. VIRAL, MEVR, and KLP have experienced 276.49%, 267.20%, and 211.52% rallies respectively, and they may continue growing in size in near future.

The price analysis of VIRAL, MEVR, and KLP will tell us where they will be in the upcoming days.


The VIRAL investors have started supporting it very strongly in the past 24-hours. In this particular time period, the price of VIRAL has shot up from a low of $0.00008215 to a high of $0.0003151 per VIRAL. The rally that supported VIRAL in reaching such a high trading price was 276.49%.

Even at the moment, the rally is at its strongest and the investors are showing no weaknesses to the bears. If the investors continue with their strong buying sentiments, then the bears may not be able to stop them at all.

The trading volume for VIRAL has also continued rising, and in the past 24-hours, the rise has been 579.11%. If the positive trend continues, and the investors remain optimistic, then the price of VIRAL may surge to $0.0005231 per VIRAL.

As the growth factors such as moving averages, oscillators, and the RSI grow more optimistic, the price of VIRAL may surge to $0.0007689 per VIRAL.

Metaverse VR

Metaverse VR is also among the top-performing digital assets as it has observed a 267.20% rally in the 24-hour window. Following the great surge, the trading price for the Metaverse VR versus the Tether pair has grown up to $0.2479 per MEVR.

Before the investors had grown highly optimistic about Metaverse VR and had started investing in the digital, it was at a low of $0.06523 per MEVR.

As the momentum grew in size, the trading price of Metaverse VR also experienced a surge. If the rally perseveres, then the price of Metaverse VR may shoot up to $0.4106 per MEVR.

As the bulls keep marching alongside the investors with strong determination, they may continue pushing the bears out of the competition. If that happens, then the price of Metaverse VR may surge to $0.5807 per MEVR.


Kulupu has also emerged as a strong digital currency in the past 24-hours. The investors kept up with their buying spree and it resulted in forming a strong 211.52% rally.

So far, the rally has managed to elevate the price of Kulupu from a low of $0.009126 to a high of $0.02861 per KLP.

The data suggests that if the rally continues to grow stronger in the upcoming days, then the price of Kulupu may grow up to a high of $0.04825 per KLP.