Price Analysis of TOP (TOP), Lillion (LIL), and Valentine Floki (FLOV)

In a 24-hour time period, the price of TOP (TOP) has continued surging and so far, the rally it has observed is 53.99%. As a result of the rally, TOP’s value has been pushed up to $0.001387 per TOP. Due to the recent surge, TOP’s situation has moved into a positive trend.

It has set TOP on a path to success that has started pushing its value higher. If the trend continues, then the price of TOP may grow up to its first strong resistance mark ($0.002135).

If TOP’s price grows up to its first strong resistance mark, it would eventually move up to its second strong resistance mark ($0.002712).

As the price of TOP grows higher, then the support from the investors would grow higher. It is being expected that in the upcoming days, the price of TOP may grow up to the third strong resistance mark of $0.003078 per TOP.

Lillion (LIL) is also observing a huge surge in the past 24-hours. The data suggests that its price has grown up to $1.00 after experiencing a 53.78% surge in the past 24-hours. Initially, the price of Lillion was revolving around $0.91 per LIL as the bears were not letting it grow over the particular mark.

The bears competed with the bulls with strong selling power and kept their pressure built up for a while. However, the bears were not able to exert a lot of pressure over the bulls, and only made them stronger. Finally, the investors were able to push with high purchasing power, which completely dragged the bears out of the competition.

As a result, the price of Lillion has moved up to $1.00 per LIL, and boosted the confidence of investors to go for another strong resistance mark. If the trend continues, the investors would aim to keep up with the rally, which would help push the price of Lillion over $1.95 per LIL.

As the momentum keeps increasing, the price of Lillion may continue elevating and may move up to its peak price ($2.21).

The next cryptocurrency on the list demonstrating high performance in the past 24-hours is Valentine Floki (FLOV). The price examination data shared by TradingView surrounding Valentine Floki suggests that its price has surged by 52.48% in the past 24-hours.

As of now, the unit price of Valentine Floki is at $0.000000006484 per FLOV. For now, the sentiments of the investors are leaning towards positive territory. Therefore, they may continue investing in Valentine Floki to keep the flow of its price into the higher direction.

This would eventually help in pushing the price of Valentine Floki up to the first strong resistance mark ($0.000000009886). If the investors support the bullish run, then Valentine Floki would grow up to $0.00000001411.