Price Analysis of SquidKing (SQUIDKING), CryptoPlanes (CPAN), and Knights of Fantom (KNIGHTS)

The price of SquidKing (SQUIDKING) has also witnessed a downfall in the past 24-hours as it has observed a 55.01% plunge. Due to the dip, SquidKing is has traveled down to $0.0000000004215 per SQUIDKING.

If the price of SquidKing continues plunging, then the investors would start siding with the negative trend being practiced. This would keep the plunge constant and the price of SquidKing may end up dropping to the first strong support mark ($0.0000000003456).

The bulls may try to resist the selling pressure of the bears at the first strong support mark and if the bears win, then SquidKing’s price would drop to $0.0000000002868.

Once SquidKing hits the second strong support mark, the RSI and moving averages may provide strong support to the bears. This would eventually result in pushing the price of SquidKing down to the third strong resistance mark $0.0000000002352.

Then comes CryptoPlanes (CPAN) which has also managed to create a lot of panic among the investors due to a huge selling spree. It is because of the investors losing their confidence in buying CryptoPlanes that they have sided with selling it on a larger scale.

Due to the huge selling spree, the price of CryptoPlanes has dipped by 50.89%, subsequently bringing its price down to $0.0006401. The current sentiments of the investors are somewhat dwindling where the investors may even go with strong selling or strong buying of CryptoPlanes.

Given the current situation, CryptoPlanes may end up plunging due to the huge selling activity of the bears. It is being expected that the bears may display higher power and resolve to bring CryptoPlanes down. This would eventually bring the price of CryptoPlanes to $0.0003143.

The first strong support mark ($0.0003413) would be a point where the bulls would get the opportunity to demonstrate their buying power. They may give a hard time to the bears and may try to change the trend to their side.

However, if the bears succeed in keeping the trend within the negative zone, this would bring the price of CryptoPlanes down to $0.000033 per CPAN.

Knights of Phantom (KNIGHTS) is also among the worst performers as it has faced a huge plunge since February 9, 2022. Even in the past 24-hours, the investors have kept selling Knights of Phantom, resulting in a 47.70% dip. The dip has caused the price of Knights of Phantom to be currently at $66.50.

For now, the investors are siding with the negative sentiments, which means that the price of Knights of Phantom may move in the downslope. This would move Knights of Phantom’s price down to $53.20 per KNIGHTS. If the pressure keeps building from the side of the investors, then Knights of Phantom’s price may dip to $45.22.