Price Analysis of Safefloki (SFK) and Gas DAO (GAS)

Safefloki and Gas DAO have reportedly experienced huge gains in the past 24-hours, turning out to be very lucrative. Safefloki has experienced a 2050.33% surge while Gas DAO has experienced a 760.36% surge. Let us go through their performances individually and see how far Safefloki and Gas DAO may see themselves in near future.

Safefloki (SFK) Experienced a 2050.33% Surge

The Safefloki investors have reportedly increased their investments in the past 24-hours, forming a huge rally. Their constant buying has formed a 2050.33% rally, which has elevated the unit price of Safefloki to $0.000000003307 per SFK.

Prior to the demonstration of high-level purchasing by the bulls, the price of Safefloki was at a low of $0.000000000154 per SFK.

CoinMarketCap has also recorded a tremendous surge in the trading volume for Safefloki, showing it has increased by 52395.52%. Following the surge, the trading volume for Safefloki has been raised to $4,189,937.

Even now, the sentiments of the investors are with the bulls and they are eager to increase their investment in Safefloki. If the investors start supporting the bulls at a high level, then the price of Safefloki may surge to $0.00000002025 per SFK.

In the upcoming days, the investors may go for higher gains and provide more support to the bulls in pushing Safefloki up to a new target. For now, the second major target the bulls have locked is $0.00000007218 per SFK.

If the momentum keeps on building and more investors keep joining the bullish trend, then Safefloki’s RSI may also rise over the mid-line. This would mean that Safefloki has very high support from the investors and they would continue backing it.

With such high motivation and sentiments, the bulls may continue taking the bears head-on and may succeed in pushing Safefloki to a new high price. If things go according to the bulls’ plans, then the price of Safefloki may rise to $0.0000001646 per SFK.

Gas DAO (GAS) Experienced a 760.36%

Gas DAO investors have very high and positive sentiments for running the bullish trend. As recorded by CoinMarkCap, Gas DAO’s price has surged by 760.36% in the past 24-hours. The recent rally has helped in pushing the price of Gas DAO from a low of $0.000003993 per GAS to a high of $0.00003476 per GAS.

Even the trading volume for Gas DAO is working as a positive indicator towards the bullish movement of Gas DAO. The 24h trading volume elevation recorded for Gas DAO is 473.22% and the volume is currently worth $14,870,685.

Going forward, if the bulls remain in high spirits and they keep getting more investors to their side, Gas DAO’s price may surge to $0.0001669 per GAS.