Price Analysis of Ratscoin, Axe, and Sway Social

Ratscoin (RATS) Experienced 122.19% Surge

The trading price of Ratscoin has reportedly experienced a huge rise in the past 24-hours. The investors have rallied in favor of running an uptrend in favor of the bulls and they are currently acquiring Ratscoin at a very high rate.

It is due to the strong buying spree of the investors that a 122.19% rally has been formed in favor of Ratscoin. By forming a 122.19% rally, the bulls have managed to bring Ratscoin from a low of $0.000000003555 per RATS to a high of $0.000000007903 per RATS.

From the looks of it, the investors are not interested in keeping Ratscoin to its current price, as they are eager to push it higher. To achieve their goal, they are constantly trading Ratscoin so it doesn’t end up losing its steam.

So far, the trading volume for Ratscoin has been pushed up by 271.22% and it is currently standing at $6,362,291.

If the trading volume for Ratscoin continues growing stronger and the demand remains in proportion to it, Ratscoin’s value may surge to $0.000000009889 per RATS.

As the confidence level of the investors rises in accumulating Ratscoin, they may pour more money to support the cause. This would result in pushing Ratscoin up to $0.00000001347 per RATS.

Axe (AXE) Experienced 119.57% Surge

Axe investors are also showing a lot of determination when it comes to supporting the positive trend for Axe. So far, the combined efforts of the bulls alongside the investors have managed to form a 119.57% rally.

As a result, the trading price of the AXE/USDT pair is now worth $0.03139 per AXE. It is the strong buying determination of the investors in the past 24-hours that has pushed Axe up from a low of $0.01156 per AXE.

In the upcoming days, the bulls may take full advantage of the strong support coming in from the investors. They may try and push the price of Axe all the way up to a high of $0.08569 per AXE in order to launch it into the resistance zone.

Sway Social (SWAY) Experienced 116.67% Surge

Sway Social has earned quite the popularity among the investors in the past 24-hours, for being highly lucrative. The trading price of Sway Social has earned itself a 116.67% rally in the past 24-hours, bringing its unit price up to $0.05212 per SWAY.

Surprisingly, the bulls pushed its price up from a low of $0.02314 per SWAY. If the confidence level of the bulls remains the same and the bears are not able to deflect them, then Sway Social’s price may grow higher.

In the upcoming days, the price of Sway Social may grow up to a high of $0.08633 per SWAY.