Price Analysis of Newscrypto (NWC) and JOE (JOE)

Newscrypto (NWC) pushed up by 18.86%

Newscrypto’s price has been traveling in the bullish zone in the past 24-hours, as the bulls have formed a strong rally. They have done it to push the bears out of the competition and elevate Newscrypto into the strong zone.

On March 29, the value of Newscrypto exhibited a low price of $0.2157 per NWC. The bulls tried hard to uplift the value of Newscrypto to a higher mark but they weren’t strong enough to do it.

However, the bulls kept forming rallies at lower levels, and finally, they had gained enough accumulation power to launch an 18.86% rally. This resulted in pushing the price of Newscrypto to a high price of $0.3517 per NWC.

Since then, the bears have been trying to push to break the rally with their strong selling power. They are attempting to bring the price of Newscrypto to a lower benchmark. However, the bulls are fighting strongly against the bears and they may succeed in pushing them out of the competition.

This would eventually elevate the price of Newscrypto to a high of $0.3766 per NWC. If the investors keep acquiring more Newscrypto, then its price may grow up to a new resistance mark ($0.3936 per NWC).

JOE (JOE) pushed up by 18.83%

JOE (JOE) is currently experiencing a high trend and its value has been growing substantially given the strong accumulation power of the bulls.

In the past 24-hours, the buyers have formed an 18.83% rally, which has elevated its price to a high of $1.32 per JOE. As the rally keeps growing stronger and the bulls continue adding more value to it, JOE’s price may elevate to a high of $1.63 per JOE.

As the momentum keeps building in favor of the bullish run, the price of JOE may continue growing higher. The attempt from the buyers may succeed in elevating the RSI and the moving averages over the midline. This would eventually compel more investors to support the bullish run, which would push its value up to a new high of $2.01 per JOE.

On the other hand, if the bulls are not able to handle the pressure coming from the bears at $1.32 per JOE, then JOE may plummet.

It is being expected that in the worse-case scenario, the price of JOE may fall below the $1.30 per JOE mark. This would be the beginning of a great loss that the investors may witness in terms of JOE’s bearish trend.

The price of JOE may experience the firs strong plummet, bringing its value down to $1.10 per JOE. From there, the bears may intensify their selling activities and show a lot more aggression. This would result in pushing the price of JOE below $1.00.