Price Analysis of MetaDoctor (MEDOC) and IceCream Finance (CREAM)

The price of MetaDoctor (MEDOC) has reportedly observed a 217.76% rally in the past 24-hours. Due to the rally, the price of MetaDoctor has swelled up to $0.0000008961 per MEDOC. This goes to show that the investors are highly supportive towards a positive and high trend for MetaDoctor.

Therefore, the investors have reportedly increased their buying power in order to support the rise of MetaDoctor. If the investors keep rallying in favor of MetaDoctor, then its price may get pushed up to $0.00000871.

As the buying power increases, more investors would start supporting the cause and the price of MetaDoctor may continue to grow higher. In near future, the investors may grow more bullish about MetaDoctor, which may push MetaDoctor’s price up to $0.000002890.

Another major push may then be observed in favor of MetaDoctor, which may push its price up to the third strong resistance mark ($0.000003677).

On the other hand, the bears may increase their selling power if MetaDoctor reaches its first strong resistance mark ($0.00000871). If the bears manage to overpower bulls, then they would start driving MetaDoctor’s trend in their favor.

At that point, the price of MetaDoctor may start tripping, and it may reach its first strong support mark of $0.0000006521. If MetaDoctor reaches its first strong support mark, the investors may start moving towards the bearish trend. This would push MetaDoctor lower into the negative territory, eventually bringing MetaDoctor’s price down to $0.0000005634.

At this point, the investors may start selling MetaDoctor on a larger scale, which would bring MetaDoctor further down to $0.0000005250.

Then there is IceCream Finance (CREAM) which has observed a great surge in price in the past 24-hours. The data from TradingView shows IceCream Finance’s price has observed a 192.47% surge in the particular window, bringing its price up to $79.53.

On February 3, 2022, IceCream Finance’s price was at $24.6 per CREAM. After experiencing a strong rally, the price of IceCream Finance is at $79.53.

As of now, the sentiments of the investors are bullish, which may help bulls gain from the opportunity and seek a higher price. The bulls may continue observing a higher price in near future, and it may end up growing all the way up to $91.45.

Even if the investors do not have much spirit in pushing the price of IceCream Finance higher on a larger scale, they may continue pushing it on a lower scale.

This would eventually see IceCream Finance hit a second strong resistance point, which is $105.17. If the investors keep adding more pressure and keep pushing out the bearish factor, then a higher price for IceCream Finance would be achieved. Given the recent analysis, the bulls may be eyeing a unit price of $120.95 per CREAM.