Price Analysis of Kevin (KEVIN) and BNBBack (BNBACK)

KEVIN May Get Pushed Down to $0.000000004509

Kevin (KEVIN) bears have reportedly taken the lead against the bulls by plummeting its value by 75.72% in a 24-hour window. Due to the plummet, Kevin is now trading at a unit price of $0.000000006959 per KEVIN.

From the looks of it, the bears currently have full control of the situation and they are the ones steering the trend for Kevin. If the bears do not want to lose their position, then they need to keep selling Kevin at a higher level.

However, the bulls are also eager to push back and they may do it once the bears have exhausted their energy. For now, the bears are showing no signs of slowing down and the situation may keep getting better for the supporters of the bearish sentiments.

If the selling spree continues, then the price of Kevin may start pushing through the strong support marks. If Kevin hits the first strong support mark, it would mean that the bears have intensified their selling power.

The bears may reportedly attempt to push the price of Kevin to a lower figure, to push the RSI in the negative territory. If that happens, then Kevin’s price would eventually end up getting pushed down to a much lower value.

The first benchmark that the bears may attempt to hit with their strong selling power would be $0.000000005567 per KEVIN.

As the moving averages start supporting the bearish trend, the investors would start siding with the bears as well. This would result in another selling spree, which would lower Kevin’s price to $0.000000005010 per KEVIN.

The bears may go for another selling run in order to hit their ultimate goal, according to the current price analysis for Kevin. If the pressure of the bears is enough over the bulls, then Kevin may plunge to $0.000000004509 per KEVIN.

BNBBack May Get Pushed Down to $0.0004018

BNBBack (BNBACK) is also observing a downtrend in terms of its price in the past 24-hours. BNBBack’s value has observed an 84.46% plummet in the past 24-hours that has pushed its value down to $0.0006202 per BNBACK.

The current plummet rate has made it clear that the bulls currently have no control over the situation. The bulls have been completely sidelined by the bears and the bears may control the price of BNBBack in near future.

The data suggests that the price of BNBBack may end up getting pulled down to $0.0004961 per BNBACK. If the selling power of the bears gains more power due to support from the investors, then BNBBack may dip to $0.0004465 per BNBACK.

BNBBack reaching the second support mark ($0.0004465) would prove to be a game-changer for the bears. This way, they will be able to aim for a deeper value, which would be $0.0004018.