Price Analysis of Hedera (HBAR), Internet Computer (ICP), and The Sandbox (SAND)

On January 29, 2022, the investors saw the price of Hedera (HBAR) exhibiting a low figure of $0.22 per HBAR. However, in a matter of seven days, Hedera has observed a 15.34% rally. Even in the past 24-hours, Hedera’s price has surged by 4.98%, bringing its unit value to a high figure of $0.2576 per HBAR.

Although Hedera faced a downfall in the past few months, its price has started moving in an upward direction. At the moment, Hedera (HBAR) is observing an uptrend and the investors may continue applying their pressure of mass-purchasing. This would trigger the price of Hedera to grow all the way up to $0.2309.

As the investment cap continues growing larger for Hedera, the investors would witness its price grow up to $0.2481. If more investors keep adding more investments for Hedera, then its price may reach up to $0.2665.

Then comes Internet Computer (ICP) which has also observed high acquisition demand in the past 7-days. As per stats, a 6.63% surge was observed in the past 7-days in the value of Internet Computer. Internet Computer’s price was on January 30th was at a low of $19.9 per ICP.

Due to the 7-day surge, followed by the 8.34% surge in the past 24-hours, Internet Computer has achieved a unit price of $23.88 per ICP.

As the demand is constantly growing for Internet Computer, its value is observing a significant rise as well. If the demand for Internet Computer continues to rise, then it would move up to $25.91 per ICP.

It is expected that with the passage of time, more investors would turn bullish about Internet Computer, bringing their unit price up to $28.10 per ICP.

If Internet Computer hits and crosses the second resistance mark ($28.10), without much struggle, then it would be easier for ICP to hit the third strong resistance mark.

The Sandbox (SAND) is also in the same league as Hedera and Internet Computer, as it has also observed a noteworthy 7-day rally. On January 30, 2022, the investors saw The Sandbox being at a low price of $3.99 per SAND.

However, The Sandbox started growing in size, being able to achieve an 11.47% rally in the past 7-days. Even in the past 24-hours, The Sandbox has continued growing by 12.31%, bringing its unit price up to $4.64 per SAND.

If the SAND rally manages to stick for a while, then the bulls would get the opportunity to elevate SAND’s price up to $26.84. If more investors keep adding more SAND to their wallets, it would eventually increase the demand for SAND. This would result in pushing SAND’s price up to $30.14.

The rallies would help push the RSI and the moving averages for The Sandbox into the bullish zone, bringing it up to $33.85.