Price Analysis of Fractal (FCL) and Overmoon (OVM)

Fractal (FCL) Price Surges by 85.27%

The price of Fractal has reportedly grown up by 85.27% in the past 24-hours. It is due to the buying ability of the investors that the price of Fractal has experienced a high surge and at the time of writing, its value is at $0.1273 per FCL.

Before the bulls gained the confidence of launching an all-out attack against the bears, the price of Fractal was at a low of $0.06734 per FCL. However, the bulls started joining hands, and soon, they were supported by the investors, which significantly boosted the growth rate of Fractal.

If the growth rate for Fractal remains the same, then the price of Fractal may continue growing higher. One of the major factors that would add up to the demand for Fractal would be the trading volume. So far, the trading volume growth observed for Fractal in a 24h time period is 3559.65%.

Even the market valuation for Fractal has elevated by 85.27% in the same period, which is a strong indication of the bullish run for Fractal.

If the buyers continue adding more value to Fractal, then it may soon start riding the resistance wind. This would mean that Fractal would be able to hit very high and significant milestones in the upcoming days.

If the buying power of the bulls remains constant, then the price of Fractal may rise up to $0.1815 per FCL.

Moving forward, the bulls may have to increase their power of acquiring Fractal at a faster rate to outdo the bears in their strong selling activities. This would result in soaring the price of Fractal to $0.2202 per FCL.

If the bears fail to pose much of a threat against the bulls, and the bulls keep gathering more Fractal, then its price may surge to $0.2437 per FCL.

Overmoon (OVM) Price Surges by 77.25%

The value of the Overmoon has also picked up in the past 24-hours, as the bulls have demonstrated strong gathering power for Overmoon. The data shows that the investors have started rallying alongside the bulls, which has resulted in a 77.25% rally in the past 24-hours.

Following the strong march, the trading value of the OVM/USDT pair has surged to $0.000000004093 per OVM. If the bulls keep showing off the same acquisition power in the upcoming days, the value of Overmoon may continue rising.

In the upcoming days, the value of Overmoon may surge to $0.000000005674 per OVM. The bulls may aim to elevate the moving averages and the RSI into the bullish zone by purchasing more Overmoon. If this works out in favor of the bulls, then the price of Overmoon may surge to $0.000000007424 per OVM.