Price Analysis of ETHP (ETHP) and POLARNODES (POLAR)

The price analysis report surrounding ETHP (ETHP) has shown that its price has grown at a high rate in recent days. The data suggests that on February 9, 2022, the price of ETHP was at $0.0000000012 per ETHP. Surprisingly, on February 13, 2022, the price of ETHP fell to a low price of $0.000000000697 per ETHP.

However, the price of ETHP has successfully grown up to a high figure of $0.000000001615 per ETHP. The data shows that ETHP’s price has come to this level after experiencing a 91.08% surge in the past 24-hours.

Given the current performance of ETHP, the investors are highly likely to put more money into the cause. This would work in the benefit of the bulls and help them push ETHP’s price up to $0.000000003087.

Even if the acceleration level for the rally starts to slow down, the rally may still stick around. This would mean that ETHP may grow up to $0.000000004494. Once hitting the particular mark, ETHP’s price would grow up to the third strong resistance mark of $0.000000005517 per ETHP.

If the rallies from the bulls are not strong enough, it would give an opportunity to the bears to launch their counter. This way, the bears may attempt to bring the price of ETHP down to its first strong support mark of $0.000000001292.

The bears may attempt to pull the RSI and the moving averages of ETHP below the midline. This would grant them the opportunity of bringing ETHP’s price down to $0.000000001163 per ETHP. If the bears manage to make the investors pull from their investments in ETHP, then its price may plunge to $0.000000001105 per ETHP.

POLARNODES (POLAR) is also demonstrating high growth in the past 24-hours. The data shows that in the past 24-hours, POLARNODES’ price has surged by 60.70%. The surge has reportedly brought the price of POLARNODES all the way up to $4.71 per POLAR.

The trading volume for POLARNODES currently stands at $1,260,522, which is also in favor of the high trend, which is clear from its 395.83% growth.

The February 9 report for POLARNODES shows that its price was at $2.1 per POLAR, a low price figure. At the time of writing, the price of POLARNODES is at a high figure of $4.71 per POLAR.

So far, this is a positive sign towards the bullish trend as the price of POLARNODES may continue growing in the upcoming days. If the rallies prove to be persistent, then its price may rise to $6.13 per POLAR. Furthermore, the investors may increase their buying pressure to push POLARNODES’ price up to $7.07 per POLAR.

If the spirits of the investors grow higher, then the price of POLARNODES may be able to hit another high price of $7.60 per POLAR.