Price Analysis of BoleToken (BOLE), OBRok Token (OBROK), and Cougar (CGS)

Since February 15, BoleToken (BOLE) bulls were trying to launch its price to a higher figure. After so much struggle, the bulls have managed to initiate a 554.79% rally that has helped push the price of BoleToken up to $0.0001677 per BOLE.

At present, the investors have high bullish sentiments and they are siding with accumulations on a higher level. This has helped in increasing the trading volume of BoleToken up to $133,035, following a 592.26% surge in the past 24-hours.

In near future, the BoleToken investors are expected to uplift their acquisition power. This would result in pushing BoleToken’s price higher to its first resistance position of $0.0006328 per BOLE.

If the investors keep pushing harder with, providing strong support to the bulls, then it would be easier for BoleToken to hit a second resistance position of $0.0008523.

As the investors keep increasing their BoleToken acquisition power, they would be able to elevate BoleToken’s price up to its third resistance position of $0.001000.

Then comes OBRok Token (OBROK) which is also moving higher into the positive zone. The past 24-hour performance examination for OBRok Token has displayed a 642.23% surge in its value. The price of OBRok Token has moved up to $0.000002931 per OBROK after experiencing a great surge.

Compared to BoleToken, the trading volume for OBRok Token has not observed much growth, as the growth rate it is exhibiting is 23.53%. After the surge, the 24-hour trading volume for OBRok Token has moved up to $1,097,918.

The performance scale for OBRok Token suggests that the investors have much stronger sentiments for investing in OBRok Token than flushing them. Therefore, the investors would continue increasing their buying power in order to achieve a higher value for OBRok Token.

At the moment, the interest of bulls compared to that of bears is 10:3. Therefore, the investors would keep accumulating OBRok Token to push it over $0.000007637. If the investors fast-track their OBRok Token accumulation process, OBRok Token may move up to $0.00001376. As more investors keep lining up in support of OBRok Token, its price may reach up to $0.00001929.

Then comes Cougar (CGS) which has also observed a significant (304.74%) growth in its price in the past 24-hours. The increased buying power of the investors has uplifted Cougar’s price up to its current mark of $0.04239 per CGS.

At the moment, the buying interest of Cougar bulls is at 76%, which is much higher than the interest of the bears. Therefore, the predictions strongly point toward an uplift worth $0.1069 per CGS. If the bulls remain stubborn and they keep accumulating Cougar, its price may get pushed up to $0.1499, and then to $0.1800.