Price Analysis of ASYAGRO (ASY), (PLT), 3x Short EOS Token (EOSBEAR)


The buyers are currently defending the trading price of ASYAGRO at a high of $0.037 per ASY. They have been sustaining the pressure coming from the bears and they are demonstrating very high spirits.

It was a 34.58% rally that the buyers managed to form from May 6 until now. When the rally was launched by the buyers, ASYAGRO reportedly traded at a low price of $0.02688 per ASY.

The buyers have no intentions of letting the bears control the trend. This is why they are not letting the bears form a selling spree. The buyers are constantly showing off their buying skills, intercepting every dip with a stronger rally.

As the buying momentum of the investors keeps gaining more acceleration, then ASYAGRO’s price may elevate to $0.04501 per ASY. The buyers are currently trying to create enough elevation that its RSI enters the bullish zone.

If the RSI for ASYAGRO does enter the particular zone and continues ascending, ASYAGRO’s price may surge to $0.05154 per ASY. was reportedly at a low trading price of $9.76 per PLT when the bulls decided to launch their strong rally. They started buying at a much higher rate than they had accumulated it in the past.

With the constant increase of the investors rallying to support, a 34.48% uptrend was formed. Due to the strong bullish trend, the trading price of has continued to grow stronger.

At the time of writing, trades at a high of $13.12 per PLT. is recording a strong backup from the bulls wanting to form an elevation in its price.

As the investors buying momentum grows in favor of, then it’ll experience a substantial elevation. Due to the elevation, the trading price of may grow up to a high of $15.54 per PLT.

In the upcoming days, the determination of the buyers may become concrete. Therefore, they may acquire with stronger force, resulting in pushing its price to $17.58 per PLT.

3x Short EOS Token

3x Shot EOS Token is currently exhibiting an overhead resistance coming from the bears at its high trading price of $0.00001377 per EOSBEAR.

On May 5, the trading price of 3x Shot EOS Token was at a low of $0.000007356 per EOSBEAR. From May 5 until now, 3x Shot EOS Token has been rallied by 38.68%. The investors are demonstrating their stronger gaining power to lower the confidence of the bears.

It seems that the bulls have succeeded so far, and if the trend continues, then 3x Shot EOS Token may surge to $0.00001874 per EOSBEAR.

The RSI for 3x Shot EOS Token may fall into the bullish zone soon. When that happens, the traders will increase their acquisition power, resulting in 3x Shot EOS Token’s elevation to $0.00002049 per EOSBEAR.