Price Analysis of Alpha Coin (ALPHA) and CatBoy (CATBOY)

Alpha Coin (ALPHA)

The price of Alpha Coin is currently traveling in the bullish stream. The bulls have been adding a lot of value and demand for Alpha Coin with their strong positive sentiments.

The price analysis for Alpha Coin shows that its value was at a low of $0.0001766 per CATBOY on March 24. The bulls tried hard to elevate the value of Alpha Coin but the bears did not show any flexibility, and they kept shooting down the bears with strong selling power.

Still, the bulls did not let the bulls take full control of the situation and launched their strong (106.45%) rally in the past 24-hours. Ever since the rally was initiated, the price of Alpha Coin has moved up to a high price of $0.0003785 per ALPHA.

The RSI for Alpha Coin has moved over 46.8 and the moving averages are pointing towards a strong bullish trend. The majority of the Alpha Coin investors are determined to add more Alpha Coin to their wallets.

This would help the price of Alpha Coin grow tremendously, and the first high mark it may hit would be $0.0006793 per ALPHA.

In the upcoming days, the bulls may continue adding more Alpha Coin to their wallets, subsequently increasing the demand for Alpha Coin. This would result in pushing the price of Alpha Coin to a high of $0.0009347 per ALPHA.

Once the moving averages also start supporting the bullish trend, the strong buying sentiments of the investors may help push the price of Alpha Coin to a high of $0.001115 per ALPHA.


CatBoy has also experienced a very high and positive trend in the past 24-hours. The bulls have rallied CatBoy at a very strong level, pushing CatBoy to a high price. Before the bulls began rallying, the value of the CATBOY/USDT pair was at a low of $0.01064 per CATBOY.

Although the bears resisted tremendously from their end to try and pull the price of CatBoy lower, the bulls did not let them do it. The bulls rushed to the positive support of CatBoy, which managed to push the price of CatBoy to a high of $0.01816 per CATBOY.

Since launching the rally, the bulls haven’t lost their steam and their efforts have also started driving the investors to their side. They have brought many investors to their side, which has increased the trading volume for CatBoy by 304.70%.

If the buying sentiments of the bulls keep growing stronger, the price of CatBoy may continue growing higher. The bulls may continue pouring in more money into CatBoy, which would push its price all the way up to a high of $0.02467 per CATBOY.