PM Candidate Of Canada In Favor Of Bitcoin Freedom

The Prime Minister candidate of the Conservative party in Canada feels that in the Great White North citizens should be free to use Bitcoin and all other cryptocurrency assets as money.

Pierre Poilievre who is the Prime Minister candidate for the Conservative Party of Canada has shown his support for allowing using Bitcoin in the country as legal money.

BITCOIN’s YouTube channel has posted a video of Poilievre on Mar 29 in which he stated that Canadian people require extra financial freedom addressing at a local restaurant in front of a crowd of around 100 people. He also said that people should be free to use and own cryptocurrency, decentralized financing, smart contracts, and tokens.

People should be free for choosing other types of money. If the government is abusing our money, we must have the freedom to choose other, better quality cash.

At the beginning of this year, the government of Canada led by Prime Minister J. Trudeau from the Liberal Party have taken a tough approach against the cryptocurrency responding to Ontario protests by Freedom Convoy. In Jan and Feb the Canadian government officials have banned the bank accounts of people participating in protests in an attempt of blocking all the donations going to the truckers which also include donations in crypto.

KoleyaKarringten, Canadian Blockchain Consortium (CBC) Executive Director has informed the news media that at the moment the environment is hostile for cryptocurrency from the Liberal Party government due to insufficient information, awareness, and regulatory clarity.

It is essential to have powerful advocacy arrangements for government education about the blockchain. As soon as they find out the tax revenue level, they know that this industry is innovative and doesn’t belong to criminals.

In Karringten’s opinion now there are more cryptocurrency owners after the difficulties created by Prime Minister Trudeau in February calling upon the Emergencies Act. The Catalyst which is a non-profit association on February 23 stated that the created problems resembled the banking system.

Even with his enthusiasm, Poilievre’s backing of crypto may still only represent a small group of people from Canada. Ipsos research organization last October had concluded that around 14% of citizens of Canada above the age of 18 have cryptocurrency. Although, the numbers increased from only 3% in 2016, which is indicating an enormous growth rate.