PayBack Ltd Review – Is PayBack Ltd A Recommended Fund Recovery Firm?

PayBack Ltd Review

PayBack Ltd logoPayBack Ltd is a money recovery company that has a proven track record of recovering lost funds for its countless clients in the past. You might be wondering why such a company would even need to exist, and the answer to this question is quite simple. You see, while it is true that traders have been able to earn a lot of money by trading in different digital assets such as stocks and cryptocurrencies, the sad reality is that more often than not, these individuals end up being scammed by fraudulent entities. Of course, no one likes being scammed, which is why this in-depth PayBack Ltd review exists to help you understand what you can do in such a situation and how a company like PayBack Ltd can be of assistance.

Let us now take you through the recovery options provided by PayBack Ltd and what each one entails, namely ‘Binary Options’, ‘Cryptocurrencies’, ‘Stock Trading’, and ‘Forex’. We will also be discussing what pre-emptive measures PayBack Ltd has listed for each category that can help you to avoid being scammed in the future.

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Binary Options

There are so many binary options brokers which turn out to be fraudulent later on, and so it is PayBack Ltd’s goal to fight back against these scammers. If you or anyone you may know have indeed been scammed, then the company will urge you to contact PayBack Ltd as quickly as possible. This is because the sooner the confrontation with the scammers happens, the faster you shall be able to hopefully recover your lost funds.

There are a few things you can look out for when dealing with binary options, those being that you should first only try and use regulated brokers. This is due to the fact that genuine brokers shall always be open to disclosing license numbers as well as citing the national regulatory institution and website. Furthermore, PayBack Ltd says that you should always do your own research and conduct due diligence when choosing a broker. This involves reading user reviews and checking the credibility of the broker. Lastly, you should test the date of the broker yourself, wherein you will see if the data feeds are actually authentic and genuine and that there aren’t any abnormal fluctuations in price.


There are a number of precautions you can take in order to protect yourself when dealing with cryptocurrencies, which are digital assets that are usually quite volatile and often unpredictable. Firstly, you need to check all of the websites and do your own research on the project and the people involved in it. If anything seems unclear or vague, then you should start becoming a little suspicious. Do not be fooled by websites that look great, sophisticated or flashy, as you would want to see what the project actually is and what it entails.

Also, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. You are bound to see numerous advertisements which spout rhetoric about ‘getting rich quickly and easily. However, these are usually scams in disguise, so do not fall into such traps. It is understandable that you want to get rich, but too much greed and impatience will cost you in the long run. Furthermore, apart from keeping your assets in a cold wallet for long-term investment purposes, you should also verify if the broker you are dealing with is regulated or not.

Stock Trading

While stocks are not as volatile as cryptocurrencies, scams do happen when it comes to stock trading. This is why PayBack Ltd has stated that firstly, you should avoid dealing with any entity which uses certain phrases while approaching you, such as ‘great investment opportunity, ‘sign up now to get guaranteed returns, and more. As such, you should do your best to avoid these high-pressure sales tactics, strategies, and advertisements.

Additionally, if you had not searched for the company by yourself, it’s best to avoid it. Once again, always do your own due diligence and try talking to a trusted financial advisor whenever possible. Lastly, it is always a good idea to learn the basics of trading.


Once again, there are a few things that you can watch out for. Firstly, always use a regulated broker as this will ensure that your funds are indeed safe, in addition to the information and data being given by the broker being fully compliant with all of the industry’s standards. It is common knowledge that the forex trading sector has become plagued with fraudulent individuals and services, so do what you can to avoid false education programs, fake automated trading software and systems, performance history lies, and just bad brokers in general.


Now that we have covered the different recovery options available let us now talk about the fees. This might be a sensitive topic, to say the least, as potential clients would have already lost so much due to being scammed, so having to spend more money just to recover the initial funds does not seem very cost-effective on paper. However, traders must realize that the main objective is to recover what has been lost and also to help ensure that others are not scammed by the same entity in the future, and so while you may be forced to pay in order to use PayBack Ltd’s services, understand that this is a necessary step.

With that being said, the fees will range from $600 to about double that amount at $1,200. The actual amount to be paid in this initial fee will vary on the details of a specific case, as some would need more work than others and might also have a certain sense of urgency. Apart from this fee, PayBack Ltd is entitled to take a small portion of your recovered amount and give the rest back to you. This is known as a commission fee, and it is essentially PayBack Ltd’s reward for the company’s efforts in getting your money back. There are no additional hidden costs.

Free consultation

Scam victims all have something in common despite the fact that they have been scammed, which is that these individuals will all feel the same doubt, apprehension and paranoia towards anything and everything after what had occurred. This uneasiness and unwillingness to trust anyone again is a normal and expected feeling. However, these people must nevertheless get over it in order to ensure that a company such as PayBack Ltd can recover what has been lost.

To that end, PayBack Ltd has taken a proactive approach and is offering a free consultation service that you can take advantage of. This is useful as it grants you the chance to talk about every issue and concern you may have prior to entrusting your money recovery to PayBack Ltd. For its part, the company’s representatives will answer all of your questions diligently and honestly, even if the outcome is not one you wanted to hear, which for instance, might involve situations where it could be virtually impossible to recover the funds for certain individuals due to particular circumstances.

Customer Support

If you have chosen PayBack Ltd to help you recover your funds yet you still feel a little anxious or uneasy, then worry not, as the company’s customer support team is here to help. No matter what question or concern you might have, the team will be there to provide answers in a way that is very understanding, compassionate, empathetic, and timely.

You can contact the aforementioned team via email. Alternatively, you may make a direct call through a variety of different phone numbers listed on the website, but be aware of the company’s timings and that it is closed on Saturdays and only works a half-day on Sundays.


Usually, it is not enough to have just one opinion about something. In PayBack Ltd’s case, we can go on and on about how great the company is, but we realize that this might not be enough to satisfy and convince you to trust the company.

This is why there is a section where you can view the opinions, feedback, constructive criticism, and brief reviews of PayBack Ltd’s former clients. Here, you can see what other people have to say about the company, which will hopefully be enough to convince you. As per our observations, nearly all of the feedback and reviews have generally been quite positive.


If you want to read up about how scammers and hackers function nowadays, then PayBack Ltd has a really helpful blog that you can access for free. You do not need to be a client of the company to read through all of the informative articles as this information is completely free to the public.

PayBack Ltd’s main goal may be to recover lost funds. However, as abovementioned, a more proactive and practical approach would also include educating traders on how best to avoid such entities from now on. This part works in tandem with the in-depth explanations mentioned earlier in this review pertaining to each recovery option category, which is all information that is also free to read.

Final verdict

In conclusion, PayBack Ltd can be trusted to get your money back should such a need ever surface. Nobody plans on being scammed, but it is best to be prepared for such an event anyway as we really do not know what will happen to us tomorrow. We are hence proud to recommend PayBack Ltd for anyone looking to recover lost funds after being scammed.