OneRepublic has Become First US Band to be Paid in Crypto

The OneRepublic is a popular American Music group. The band is making waves in the cryptocurrency community right now after the news about accepting cryptocurrency payment has gone viral on social media. The news was first shared by the official Twitter account of ABC AirPower.

The tweet pointed out that OneRepublic is one of the bands that are signed with a major Music label. The band has agreed to play at a live concert and signed a deal to get paid in cryptocurrencies as compensation. As the popularity of cryptocurrencies is increasing, the Music industry has started to take note of this industry and drop mentions.

OneRepublic’s NFT

The pop-rock band OneRepublic has forayed into the cryptocurrency arena before the latest news as well. The leading guitarist and vocalist of the band named Ryan Tedder released an NFT in April. Unlike most NFTs that are consist of only visuals, this one also had some audio content added to it.

Tedder has added a unique and never-before-seen single cover of one of his songs in the NFT under question. Before launching this NFT, the singer also proceeded to invest in the Polychain Capital project started by Olaf Carlson Wee. Even though singers and musicians are not an expert authority on the blockchain, they can impress a lot of influence among their followers for buying into the products.

Ryan Tedder has also shown interest in other cryptocurrency-based NFT projects like the Bored Yacht Club series. He reportedly purchased one of the many collectable items in this series and added it to his collection. The star of the OneRepublic rose to international fame with the new single called Apologize in 2007.

Another wave of popularity swept the band to new heights in 2013 with the new song called Counting Stars. The song was eventually certified to acquire a diamond status following its massive critical success. The leading man of the band, Ryan Tedder, has also written songs for singers like Adele and Taylor Swift.