OKX Offers Interest-Free USDT Loans

OKX is the second-largest universal crypto trading platform by volume, trusted by over 20 million universal users. In addition, OKX has attracted attention for being the fast and most reliable crypto exchange app for users and traders globally.

The world-leading crypto platform currently offers a prize pool of 64,000 USDT through the OKX Trading Bot Month. This project runs for 20 days, for which 64,000 USDT are up for grabs. In addition, the OKX trading bot customers would not incur any transaction charges while trading the bot in the exemption of Iceberg and TWAP.

Furthermore, first-time users would also receive loss protection that secures losses of below 10K USDT for the first thirty days. However, the loss protection is only active during the promotion phase.

The project will comprise four events, with each trade based on a specific trading bot. The events would include future on the marketplace, spot Grid, DCA bots, and Futures Grid. The first 1000 users who complete every event receive a rebate card.

How to Participate

The promotion is limited to the first 5,000 users that use flexible loan services and have completed the OKX KYC (Know Your Customer). First-time users would only be allowed to access loans after completing their photo verifications.

However, the promotion exempts users from several countries, including Hong Kong, Iran, Cuba, North Korea, Sudan, Syria, Malaysia, Crimea, and the USA, including its territories. All users are advised to use their primary accounts to be eligible for this event.

OKX Supports FLR and GMX Tokens

According to the information, OKX was reported to announce the listing of FLR. This blockchain comprises two protocols that enable users to create an environment of vigorous and uncontrolled interoperability applications.

Conferring to the official FLR token dissemination settings and program, the tokens would adhere to the trading rates of 1XRP = 1.0073 FLR. The Flare credits are set to be launched today at 10:00 am UTC.

In addition, OKX also reports the listing of GMX, the regulatory token of the uncontrolled perpetual and spot trading under the same name. OKX launched credits and spot exchange of the GMX/USDC pairs on 5th January 2023, and withdrawals would open later today at 10:00 am UTC.