Non-Custodial Digital Asset Platform StealthEx Lists Dogelon Mars (ELON)

Non-custodial trading venue StealthEX, being a collaborator of several centralized exchanges of cryptocurrency, has declared that from now onward, it will be supporting $ELON (Dogelon Mars), which is among the latest most famous dog-based meme cryptos.

$ELON, another rising meme token

The Dogelon Mars has a backstory which states that a little Dogelon Mars came to life during 2420, onto Mars’ attractive red sands, the place where the young one would live calmly in association with the family thereof. They together worked extensively to construct their growing colony within a technology hub to bring fortune for the entire life around the galaxy. The respective development consistently went on until the dangerous entree of Annihilators’, who would go after the respective Dogelon Mars through time as well as space in a backward direction. A place would come where the aforementioned Dogelon Mars would take shelter on Earth as well as start a fresh journey.

Dogelon recognized that some intergalactic money (that all the civilizations and people could utilize and integrate into the coming time’s technology) is inevitable to be established to assist mankind in its technological evolution. Afterwards, with the assistance of the friends that joined him during his journey, he would hunt for the colonization of Mars for another time to make necessary evolution into it that would convert it into a centre of prosperity, as it should be.

While he was all set to start his further expedition around the universe, he would depart from the people on the Earth by transmitting his final words in which he would persuade the people to join him on the venture to get to the stars. As per the team of Dogelon, the $ELON token’s 50% supply was funded to Vitalik Buterin to signify a peaceful approach, which was then given by him to charity. The further 50% of the token’s supply was constantly locked up in the liquidity pool of Uniswap.

StealthEX incorporates $ELON’s support

On 11th November, it was announced by StealthEX that $ELON had been listed by it. The platform added that the token had a remarkable upsurge of up to 4000% after its debut in October. The respective news surfaced following the announcement of SimpleSwap to have in advance initiated the support thereof for the noncustodial venue for crypto trading. On 8th November, KuCoin (a crypto exchange) declared the respective token to be its second prominent crypto.