NFTs: Wade has Recently Formed a Partnership with One of G-Dragon’s Brand

WADE is not limited to any one musical style. WADE has a huge following because of the offering of frequent encouragement to creative people all around the globe to broaden their horizons and pursue several creative paths. IPX, the company behind the virtual character Wade, said on Tuesday that the artist had formed a deal with the clothing line Peaceminusone, owned by the musician G-Dragon.

Conceptualization of the Wade Character

Wade was developed by IPX, previously known as Line Friends, in collaboration with graphic artist KB Lee. IPX, a company that dominates the market for character intellectual property on a global scale, worked together with film director KB Lee to generate this intellectual property. 

In the streetwear sector, KB is well-known for his work as the artistic director of ground-breaking brands such as Stussy, Undefeated, and even PEACEMINUSONE (a label owned by G-Dragon). The themes that WADE attempts to convey are essential values that people feel are incredibly vital yet often underappreciated. 

Wade believes that all cultures and underdogs should receive support for their efforts to stand up for themselves, and everyone should be encouraged to spread love and peace without discrimination. IPX has clarified that Wade will not be limited to the underground or the mainstream. Instead, it would serve as a universal intellectual property that motivates users by its adaptability in the decentralized environment.

What to Expect from Wade and Peaceminusone

G-Dragon, formerly of Big Bang, launched the band Peaceminusone in 2016. The Korean brand Peaceminusone (also spelled PEACEMINUSONE) creates and produces a variety of clothing and accessories, including jackets, shirts, hats, shoes, and headphones, among other items.

In a press statement, IPX made it apparent that Peaceminusone and Wade, who both excel in the fashion industry and the metaverse, will work together to produce innovative events that will take place in both virtual and physical spaces. 

WADE Friends & Family is the name of the collaborative non-fungible token (NFT) project that Peaceminusone and IPX will present on Thursday (WADE F&F). Those who own WADE F&F will also access the services and content that IPX provides.

Initiated by collaboration between IPX and CRIPCO, WADE F&F NFT is the project’s progenitor. CRIPCO, an NFT Marketplace, has established the infrastructure and provided the basis for IPX and its other creative friends and partners to join web3 to fulfill its purpose of liberating and decentralizing IP ownership and usage.