MYSTiC GAMES Receives Seed Investment from Shima Capital

Mystic Games, the blockchain gaming studio, is set to develop an upcoming mobile game using the 1.3-million-dollar seed investment. The game is named Call of the Void. Shima Capital and Yida Gao, the company’s founder, directed the initiative. In addition to this, MYSTiC GAMES plans to expand its community and construct its Decentralized Autocratic Organization structure.

The mobile game will be Web3 cohesive and feature fee-to-own Non-fungible tokens earned progressively through gameplay. As advisors and investors, Shima Capital, a global venture firm that supports early-stage blockchain startups, and 32-Bit Ventures participated in the investment round.

Other investors included TA Ventures, SevenX Ventures, Mainstreet Decentralized Autocratic Organization, MEXC, and angel investor Joe Mahon. With a focus on player satisfaction, MYSTiC GAMES aims to establish a player-first and player-friendly environment, ultimately transitioning to a player-owned model through its Decentralized Autonomous Organization structure.

In addition, the studio, comprised of experienced veterans in the gaming industry, seeks to introduce equity and adaptability to Web3 mobile games. By doing so, they intend to disrupt the prevailing trend of Web3 games, which often require costly investments in NFTs to progress through gameplay.

The MYSTiC GAMES crew comprises six members who bring together their diverse backgrounds from studios like Voodoo, Miniclip, King, and Rovio. With the infusion of funds, the company intends to expand its team and allocate the remaining resources towards the ongoing development of its latest mobile game, Call of the VoYd.

This exciting Roguelike Royale game offers fast-paced gameplay, cooperative play with friends, the opportunity to collect various items, and the chance to win prizes. Call of the VoYd for Genesis by MYSTiC GAMES is currently accessible.

This version is an initial release designed to gauge gameplay and allows players to participate in contests to win rewards for the full game. Additionally, players can look forward to the upcoming launch of the Genesis NFT Collection this year.

More News About the Collaboration

CEO and Co-Founder of MYSTiC GAMES, Matthew Buxton, explained that the Web3 industry currently has numerous projects but needs a proportional number of players. The company aims to provide engaging and accessible experiences to individuals familiar with Web3, newcomers, and potential players.

By embracing the Web3 ideology of democratizing digital ownership, MYSTiC GAMES aspires to offer their players assets that hold real-world value. This investment enables MYSTiC GAMES to take significant strides toward realizing its goals.

The CEO, Matthew Buxton, further stated that the participation of 32-Bit Ventures and Shima Capital as advisors during the company’s seed round was a great asset due to their profound understanding of the gaming industry.

Their network enabled MYSTiC GAMES to connect with exceptional investors, which was a source of great satisfaction for the company. Shima Capital has been a close partner of MYSTiC GAMES since its establishment in 2022, offering consultancy services to the studio. In addition, they collaborated with 32-Bit Ventures, another group of advisors, to facilitate the seed round process.

In a recent statement by 32-Bit Venture General Partner Jason Perkins, he says they have been highly impressed since 32-Bit Venture’s initial interaction with MYSTiC GAMES. MYSTiC GAMES possesses remarkable expertise and knowledge in developing games that are both desirable and accessible to the public.

32-Bit Ventures executives are thrilled to support their vision for Call of the VoYd. They look forward to participating in the first season of the game for VoYd Hearts, which includes exclusive NFTs and a collection of concealed tokens at the bottom of the VoYd.