Moonrock Capital Claims ETH Price Is Likely To Reach $2,500 In Next Week

Just yesterday, the price for ETH had gone well above the $1,940 level for the very first time since the third week of February. As a result, a few key crypto analysts have claimed that if this rapid rise continues to occur, then we can expect an increase to about $2,500 in the near future (although this would be for the short term).

Bitstamp experiences Ethereum high

The crypto exchange Bitstamp saw Ethereum prices reach a new high of approximately $1,945, which is significant as this is the first time in nearly three weeks that Ethereum has managed to trade at any level above $1,940.

Investors of ETH have reason to celebrate as Ethereum is, at the time of this writing, trading at nearly $1,900. This is an indication that the ETH price has seen an increase of almost 8.5%. Also, regarding the ROI on its year-to-date amount, ETH-USD has gone up nearly 160%.

Moonrock Capital and key crypto analysts claim ETH set to reach the price of $2,500 very soon

Moonrock Capital’s Managing Partner, as well as Co-Founder Simon Dedic, offered his comments regarding the current situation. Moonrock Capital is an investment partnership as well as a blockchain advisory based in Hamburg and London. Regarding the ETH price prediction, Simon stated that not only will Ethereum raise its price to $2,500 as early as next week, but it will most likely result in taking every alt with it.

Another key financial and crypto expert and analyst by the name of Carl Martin also had something to say, namely that ETH is going to ‘break’ the current market with its imminent rise in price.

Lastly, yet another trader and crypto analyst based at Texas West Capital, Scott Melker, has stated that the demand for ETH is looking ‘very strong,’ and the upcoming rise in price is a clear reflection of this increase in demand for Ethereum. He said that this could be an ‘epic sign’ for all alts if it does happen and that ETH is currently holding support on the Bitcoin pair.