Metacraft (MCT) Experiences a 75.5% Rally and May Elevate to ATH

It has been almost 24-hours since the Metacraft buyers have been facing strong selling aggression from the sellers’ side. The sellers are trying to push the price of Metacraft back to its prior to the rally value.

Pre-Rally Metacraft Situation

On March 25, the value of Metacraft stood at a low of $0.05241 per MCT. From there until March 29, it was a strong competition between the bulls and the bears who tried really hard for their side to lead the trend.

However, it was the bears who controlled the trend for Metacraft until March 29. Towards the end of March 29, the bulls started rallying in support of a giant push. Finally, the bulls did manage to make it happen. They have increased the buying momentum and went for higher accumulations of Metacraft in order to bring the situation under their control.

Current Price Trend of Metacraft

The price of Metacraft reportedly got pushed higher by the investors with positive sentiments. At the time of writing, the value of Metacraft stands at a high of $0.1575 per MCT, and the trend is constantly growing bullish.

At present, even the trading volume of Metacraft is moving into the upper zone. The trading volume currently being exhibited by Metacraft is worth $4,153,057. If the trading volume continues growing higher, then it would mean the investors have no plans of leaving the side of the bulls. They may continue exerting higher buying pressure to ensure that the trading volume for Metacraft continues surging.

Technical Indicators

At present, the technical indicators for Metacraft are strongly pointing towards “buy” sentiments. This means that the price of Metacraft may continue growing higher as the investors would prefer accumulating Metacraft.

The RSI for Metacraft is currently at 65.34, which is also a strong positive indication in terms of rally and price growth. As the RSI continues to surge higher, the investors may grow more confident and supportive of the bullish run. The RSI would act as a booster for the investors and may help increase their buying motivation.

Metacraft’s Bullish Prediction

As the indicators are currently pointing towards a positive trend, then most investors may start following it. This would prove very useful for the bulls as they will be able to use the market situation in their favor and increase demand for Metacraft.

By doing this, the bulls will be able to elevate the price of Metacraft to a high of $0.2043 per MCT. After hitting the $0.2043 mark, the bulls may attempt to launch another strong rally. This time, they may show more aggression against the bears to take them out of the competition, pushing Metacraft over $0.2417 per MCT.