Meta Modifies Advertisement Policy to Allow more Crypto Ads

Facebook made international headlines this year when the company decided to rebrand itself to a new title Meta. The word Meta is an illusion to the association of the social media platform with the Metaverse. It is a concept that hopes to integrate the physical world with the online realm using Virtual Reality and Web3 technology.

Recently, Meta has decided to broaden its advertisement policies related to cryptocurrency-related advertisements. The millions of users registered on the platform will be able to view a lot of crypto-related ads with the new changes. The news has attracted the attention of the local crypto-related projects that are operating in the region.

Meta banned the crypto-related advertisements on its platform, claiming that it wishes to protect clients from getting influenced by manipulative messaging and deceptive promotional material. The ban was imposed by adding advertisement terms and conditions that prevent most crypto-related businesses from advertising on Facebook.

However, now Meta management has claimed that its social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram have proceeded to recognize 27 additional advertisement licenses by advertisers. During the last two years, when most crypto-related ads were banned on the Meta platforms, Facebook only honoured 3 regulated licenses.

Flexible Crypto Advertisement Policies

According to the new and more flexible crypto-related policies of Meta on advertisements, the consumers of these platforms will be able to view many more crypto-related ads. The new marketing policy has been mentioned and updated in the 10th section of Facebook’s advertisement policy. The 10th section has been renamed to Cryptocurrency Products and Services.

With the broader spectrum of marketing space, the commercial enterprises that can fit into the following brackets can apply for an advert run. Cryptocurrency exchange markets, trading platforms, lending and borrowing services dealing in digital assets, software and hardware digital wallets, and even mining infrastructure and services providers can reach new consumers with Facebook marketing.