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MarketSpots is a recommended broker for cryptocurrency trading, the broker offers all of its clients an intuitive trading platform with good customer service. You can sign up in the link below or continue reading the full MarketSpots review to learn more about MarketSpots.

MarketSpots Review

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Many people have shown their deep interest in online trading recently using different brokers’ trading platforms such as MarketSpots. They adopted online trading as a career and earned millions. But a few numbers of people lost their money because of fraud and illegal firms. Like other profession and fields, online trading also demands the ability to make the right decisions in order to make your career successful. If you don’t have the ability to trade, then you should not join online trading. The people who are capable of making the right decisions can make reasonable profits through online trading. The popularity of online trading is increasing day by day. It changed the lifestyle of many people. You can also change your lifestyle via online trading using MarketSpots’ trading platform whose details I am going to unveil in my MarketSpots review today.

In a short time, online trading is succeeded in getting the attention of many people. A large number of people welcome online trading. After seeing the growth of the financial market, many firms decided to come into the field in order to offer their services to the traders. There are ethical as well as bad online firms like other industries and fields. The fraud and illegal companies try to deprive people of their money and make their trading experience unpleasant. These are the black sheep of the financial market. Unfortunately, these black sheep can be seen in every field of life. Their only goal is to steal people’s wealth. If you’re going to start trading, then make sure that the broker chosen by you is ethical and legal like MarketSpots. An ethical and legal broker like MarketSpots is the only key to success in online trading. If you want to be a successful trader and enjoy the benefits of online trading, then sign up with the right broker like MarketSpots.  Maybe you have a lot of question about MarketSpots, and it’s natural, but hopefully, after reading this review, you’ll get an answer. Let me share the features of MarketSpots.

How MarketSpots is different from other online brokers

As we know, the financial market is crowded with online trading companies. The growth and popularity of the financial market forced many firms to come into the field in order to facilitate online traders. Most of them are illegal and fraud. They are with the mindset to deprive off traders of their money. But on the other side, not all companies are with this mindset. There are ethical and legal companies like MarketSpots. Now it’s the responsibility of the traders to make sure that they are signing up with the right broker to get services. MarketSpots is different from its competitor in term of services. MarketSpots try to maintain its reputation by providing services to online traders in the best possible way. The clients are the top priority of MarketSpots. MarketSpots tries to win the trust of the online traders, which they have lost because of fraud companies. It tries to provide training and backup to the clients in order to tackle the problem while performing trading. They also guide their clients to make the right decisions according to the situation of the financial market. MarketSpots tries to make the trading journey of their clients pleasant.

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Trading Accounts Offered by MarketSpots

MarketSpots offers a variety of trading accounts. These accounts include Standard, Silver, Gold, VIP and Pro. The traders can select the trading account of their choice. Let me share the feature of these trading accounts with you all.

  • Standard Account

First of all, there’s a standard account. MarketSpots offered this account to those who are just entering the world of online trading. A standard account can be opened with a small investment of $10,000. The account manager will help you. The traders will get a 20% welcome bonus on their first small investment, which is the best thing for the traders provided by MarketSpots. The newcomers can get experience about online trading through this account. After making deposits, the traders have to wait for profits.

  • Silver Account

Next, MarketSpots offers a silver account to its clients. The online traders who want more discounts can open this account. This account holder can get 25% discounts as well as enjoy the feature of a standard account.

  • Gold Account

Gold account is next on the account list. The required deposit of this account is $100,000. The users can enjoy a 35% discount on this account. The users of this account can avail the feature and trading alert. This account is designed for experienced traders.

  • VIP Account

MarketSpots offered this account to VIP traders. The VIP account holders are provided with a 50% commission discount. The traders have to deposit a minimum of $250,000. The users of this account can avail the features of all previous account. In addition, they can enjoy the facility of webinars provided by this broker.

  • Pro Account

If you like challenges and have an expert in online trading, then you should choose this account. This account is for professional traders. After signing up, the trader can avail the facilities of trading alerts, webinars, one-on-one trading sessions, professional account managers, absence of any withdrawal fees, etc.


MarketSpots offers a large variety of assets to trade to its clients. The traders can use the facility of contract for difference (CFD). In this type of trading, the clients don’t need to buy an asset in physical form. They just trade the asset’s value by using contracts. This type of trading allows the clients to trade a different variety of assets by using the same trading platform without facing any problem. The clients can avail this type of liberty after signing up with MarketSpots. MarketSpots provides the clients with a trading platform where they can trade a large variety of assets. The traders can trade commodities, stocks, forex, indices, currencies and much more through the trading platform of MarketSpots.

If we talk about commodities, the traders can trade soft commodities like oil, gas and other precious metals by using the trading platform of MarketSpots. MarketSpots also allow traders to trade stocks of well-known companies from all over the globe. MarketSpots provides the clients with the facility of trading indices. The traders can also trade bonds backed by the government from different countries. Moreover, the clients can trade ETFs offered by MarketSpots, which is not offered by other brokers in the financial market. A large variety of trading assets make MarketSpots a different and valuable broker in the world of online trading. Other brokers can’t compete MarketSpots. MarketSpots is the best available option in the financial market because of its features.

Payment Methods

MarketSpots offers different methods for depositing funds in your account. So, the traders can deposit money through the method of their choice. Many other brokers offer a limited method for deposit and withdraw money. But on the other side, MarketSpots provide different payment methods keeping in mind the needs and requirements of their clients. The payment methods include wire transfer, credit cards, visa/master cards and BPAY.

When you apply for withdrawal, the processing team will confirm and approve your request. This process can take time because of some requirements, so there’s no need to worry about it. The processing team will approve your withdrawal after completing the necessary requirements. It should be kept in mind that the same method will be used for withdrawal which was used for the deposit.

Worthwhile Trading Platform

MarketSpots provides the clients with a web-based trading platform. It is the need of every modern trader because it’s easy to use. Even you can use it while moving. The clients can use this trading platform without downloading or installing it on their devices. This trading platform can be used on Android and IOS phones as well. MarketSpots shows a completely different approach in order to facilitate its clients in every best possible way. Moreover, MarketSpots provides clients with some features that are helpful in online trading. Mostly it’s seen that the newcomers don’t pay attention to these features. They are just dreaming of making profits. I’m going to share some important features with you all provided by MarketSpots. These features include price alert, signal and account manager.

First of all, MarketSpots provides the traders with the facility of price alert. This will help you by informing you about the up and down prices of assets, so in this way, you’ll be able to trade on a particular asset and earn a profit. Next are the signals. This feature provides you with information about purchasing or selling an asset in the market. Lastly, account managers will help the clients in order to handle account issues. Being a new trader, when you start trading, you have to face the problem regarding your account. So, there should be someone to help you in order to tackle these difficulties. Keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the new traders, MarketSpots provides the facility of the account manager to handle account issues so you can focus on trading earn profits without any worry. You need someone on your side to take care of these matters so you can focus on trading and making profits.

MarketSpots trading platform

MarketSpots protects the information and personal data of the clients

A privacy policy is an important feature of any broker. It’s the ethical duty of any institution to protect the information and personal data of the clients. Unfortunately, many brokers share and sell information and personal data in order to earn money. They do this against privacy policies. This act can be harmful to the clients because the third party can misuse the information and personal data provided by the traders. In this way, many brokers have lost their reputation by doing this illegal act. For a few coins, they can cause trouble to the traders. On the other part, ethical brokers like MarketSpots don’t compromise this aspect. MarketSpots gives priority to its clients. It doesn’t share or sell personal data and information of its clients. MarketSpots strictly follow regulatory policies like KYC and AML.

KYC policy is known as Know Your Customer. This policy is used to verify the identity of the clients. MarketSpots asks the client to verify their identity by providing a National ID Card, passport or driving license and proof of address in the form of a utility bill (gas, water, electricity) or bank statement. This will help the broker to know about its clients. Additionally, there’s an AML policy known as Anti Money Laundering. This policy is used to prevent the act of money laundering. An ethical broker like MarketSpots ensures that no one can use its trading platform for criminal and illegal activities like money laundering. So you can sign up with MarketSpots confidently.

MarketSpots Training Program

MarketSpots has great and effective training and education program for its clients. The broker knows the importance of training and education. Education, training and hard work will lead you to success. If you want to be a successful trader, then you need proper education and training in online trading. MarketSpots understands the importance of education and training, so it provides clients with an education centre and webinars. Many brokers don’t provide the clients with proper education and training. But on the other side, MarketSpots provides the clients with the necessary education and proper training. So in this way, the traders can make decisions according to the demanding situations. If you make the right decisions according to the situations, no one can stop you from becoming a successful trader. Definitely, MarketSpots has an effective training and education program for its clients that will be helpful in making the right decisions.

Effective Customer Support

MarketSpots provide clients with great and effective customer support. The efficient and hardworking staff will serve you 24/6. They will try to help you in the best possible way throughout your trading journey. Whenever you need assistance and guidance, they will guide you. Whenever you stick to any problem regarding online trading, they try to help you in that situation. The representative will try to answer all questions. There’re many brokers in the financial market who provide clients with poor customer support. Whenever the traders stick to a difficult situation and need help and guidance when they try to contact the representative of the company and get no response, they feel embarrassed. But on the other side, you’ll be happy to know that MarketSpots doesn’t leave alone its clients. It has efficient and hardworking staff that is always there to serve you. So feel free to sign up with MarketSpots.

MarketSpots provides huge leverage with low risk

MarketSpots offers huge leverage with strategies that minimize the risk by providing a safe plan of online trading. There are many brokers in the financial market that are not capable of maintaining a balance between chances and staying safe against their high claims. The traders want to earn profits with minimum risks. I’ve good news that MarketSpots provides a balanced plan of trading. So the traders are provided with huge leverage of 1:200. This can increase your trading volume. Trading with leverages will multiply and amplify the trader’s profits. This has also reverse action. So it’s better for you to know about how to use leverages. The right use of leverages will earn profits for you. But if you use the trading platform provided by MarketSpots, then there’s no need to worry about it. MarketSpots provides the clients with the facility to stop strategies that save the traders from losing their money in online trading. Additionally, the broker provides the clients with the facility of protection of negative balance on the account, which means your account will not go into a negative balance. MarketSpots tries to facilitate its clients in the best possible way.

Simple Registration Process

Keeping in minds the needs of the clients, MarketSpots has kept its registration process very simple. Many brokers are in the market with a complicated registration process. They ask the clients to provide detailed information, most of which is irrelevant and unnecessary. But on the other side, MarketSpots doesn’t ask for irrelevant and unnecessary information. In order to register with MarketSpots, just visit their website. There’s a short form which you have to fill according to the given instructions. First of all, the traders have to enter their first and last name, email, contact number and password. Lastly, the trader readout the agreement form and will agree with their terms and conditions. After completing the registration process, you will be able to use the trading platform provided by MarketSpots.

Free of Hidden Charges

There are many brokers in the market who deprive off the traders of their money through hidden charges and high commissions. They don’t state it clearly on their website. They are in the financial market to deprive off the people of their savings. These cheap brokers are playing with the reputation of ethical brokers like MarketSpots. MarketSpots clearly stated about charges and commissions. There’re no hidden charges. MarketSpots charges very low commissions. So feel free to sign up with MarketSpots and enjoy the benefits of online trading by using the platform of MarketSpots.

Final Decision

MarketSpots is the best amongst the online brokers because of its features provided to the clients. MarketSpots is the legal and trusted name in the world of online trading. If you want to be a successful trader, then take the services of this broker. This broker gives importance to its clients. I shared all the amazing features of MarketSpots in this review. Hopefully, this review will be helpful in making a decision.