Kryptomon, A Web3 Gaming Firm, Has Teamed Up with Unstoppable Domains

Kryptomon NFT owners can now add an authentic verification badge to their Unstoppable Domains profile. This is a result of Kryptomon and Unstoppable Domains’ collaboration. Holders of Kryptomon NFT will also get $50 to purchase an unstoppable domain name to protect their Web3 identity.

The Collaboration Is Mutually Satisfying for Both Companies

At Unstoppable Domains, Sandy Carter holds the dual roles of senior vice president and channel chief. Web3 domains, according to her, provide a wealth of gaming potential. She added that it achieves this by allowing participants a single identity to showcase their triumphs, collect awards, etc.

She went on to say that they were pleased to team up with Kryptomom. Both businesses want to give players additional chances to boast about their successes on Web3.

Umberto Canessa Cerchi, its CEO, leads the Kryptomon Company. Regarding the recently created alliance, he released a statement. He stated that his organization is excited to collaborate with Unstoppable Domains, the leading Web3 domain name distributor.

He noted that they try to provide their customers with extra features to enhance their gaming experience. He also stressed their goal for a successful partnership that benefits both organizations and customers.

Single Sign-On Solution

As part of their collaboration, the two companies are integrating Kryptomon games with an SSO solution for Unstoppable Domains. As a result, onboarding new players and the login procedure will be significantly easier.

The Kryptomon Company and Unstoppable Domains are also looking into further options. One example of this is providing exclusive NFT domains with the “.kryptomon” and “.kmon” extensions.

Owners of Kryptomon NFT cards may redeem their gift code from Unstoppable Domains for a $50 online store credit. The owners will get the coupons through email as a result. Each code is only eligible for one use.

After that, users will be requested to sign up if they don’t already have an Unstoppable Domains account. Customers who already have accounts may purchase domain names using store credit.

The website for redeeming Kryptomon NFT holders’ $50 Unstoppable Domain gift cards is currently under construction. Within the following several days, this procedure will get started.

About Kryptomon and Unstoppable Domains

Kryptomon is a web3-based gaming company. The participants in this role-playing game assume the role of “Trainers” in the Kryptomon Metaverse. Players are also in charge of caring for their own NFT pet monsters.

There are 38 random elements in the genetic code of each monster that affect appearance and behavior. Kryptomon uses blockchain, digital genetics, and location-based technologies to develop cryptocurrency and Metaverse gaming.

On the other hand, Unstoppable Domain is a distributor of Web3 domains and a platform for digital identification. The company was founded in 2018. Web3 domains built on the blockchain are offered to clients by Unstoppable Domains.

These domains give individuals full ownership and control over their digital identities. Furthermore, they don’t come with any renewal fees. Long alphanumeric crypto wallet addresses are replaced with human-readable names via Unstoppable Domains. Additionally, they get access to more than 200 applications, wallets, exchanges, and markets.