Jack Dorsey Wants to Make Bitcoin his New Business Venture after Retiring from Twitter

Jack Dorsey has finally decided to step down as the CEO of Twitter, and the decision has been made official. Before that, it was merely a rumor without any solid proof, but now a full official statement is out which states that Jack Dorsey will be retiring from Twitter as its CEO and now Parag Agrawal will be tending to the chief executive officer’s responsibilities for Twitter. Back in the day, when he was working as the CEO of Twitter, Jack Dorsey said multiple times that if he had any free time on his hands, then he would be dedicating all of it to Bitcoin and developing decentralized projects.

According to multiple analysts, Jack Dorsey finally has the free time he always wanted, and given the opportunity, he will be utilizing it to work with Bitcoin. This is not merely a self-fabricated statement or analysis as Jack Dorsey has said multiple times before that he truly wants to do something with Bitcoin and, therefore, decentralization. He has shown tremendous interest in Bitcoin, and a valid proof of this is his financial tech company Square having invested in Bitcoin earlier.

From one of his earlier statements, it can be proved that Jack Dorsey is invested in Bitcoin both financially and emotionally, and he has said that if needed, he will leave Square and Twitter both for Bitcoin. His attachment to Bitcoin began back in 2018 when he did refer to Bitcoin white paper as poetry and said that he has seen nothing like this in the last 20 or 30 years as Bitcoin white paper and referred to it as the most interesting work in the computer science domain.

Some of his interest points towards building a decentralized social media platform or working with Bitcoin in a private capacity, such as launching a Bitcoin mining system with his company Square. No official statement is present at the moment from Jack Dorsey as to where he will be headed with Bitcoin in the future, but one thing is for sure that if he ever begins a new venture or project, then Bitcoin would most definitely be at its very core.