Is Shiba Inu (SHIB) a Solution to Early Retirement?

The previous year has not been friendly to Shiba Inu (SHIB) as its price depreciated early last year due to the uncertainty of the cryptosystem. Nonetheless, the SHIB creators proceeded with the innovation of the ecosystem, which might become the cryptosystem savior this year.

The development of the Shiba Inu metaverse was among the initial development for SHIB last year. Following the launch of DOGGY DAO in February 2022. This innovation caused a storm in the cryptosystem that enabled SHIB to remain relevant even after its price dropped.

However, SHIB attracted criticism after the market acknowledged that its future was in the hands of whales. The situation worsened when the price depreciated even further in May last year. However, throughout the remaining months, Shiba Inu transactions appreciated three times in profit.

This year might be friendly to SHIB, following the launch of Shibarium, which might favor the coin. The launch of Shibarium brings innovations to the network that might propel the coin to the top. In addition to its stability in the crypto market, its potential launch of a brand token speculated to be termed TREAT would total to its favor.

Shibarium Achieves a Breakthrough

Conferring to CoinMarketCap, the price of the ShibaSwap (BONE) token skyrocketed by more than 12% in the past week and 4.33% lately. This coin is among the upgrades and innovations of the Shibu Inu network. One of the major developers of the network, namely Kusama Shytoshi, appreciated the SHIB fraternity announcing that it would launch the important upgrade shortly.

He also emphasized how the crypto environment is dependent on this year. In addition, he stated that he is working hand in hand with the SHIB community to finalize the development of Shibarium. BONE is speculated to be the most valuable token on Shibarium as it will cater to all transactions in the system.

The system would use these charges to burn SHIB, speeding up the burn rate witnessed by the SHIB community. The anticipation for Shibarium to be active might be why the BONE price skyrocketed. Binance, on the other hand, elevated its adoption by announcing its launch shortly, thus disseminating this information to the larger crypto market.

The SHIB community took to Twitter to emphasize that Binance only spreads the news it believes to be of value to its users. Binance now speculates that Shibarium is a valuable innovation worthy of being adopted.

Presently, Shibu Inu stands at 0.00000820 dollars. The coin shows some bullish signs and could appreciate by 11% if the bulls remain successful and could fall if the bearish signs succeed.

Shiba Inu to surprise Investors

SHIB achieved a breakthrough while users anticipated the huge launch of Shibarium; one key handler of the SHIB community went the extra mile and developed a social networking website, the creator known as SHIB Dream, which propelled the ShibArmy VIP social network. The social networking website allows users to follow the latest news about the SHIB community and also have the opportunity to seek employment.

The community also announced that iOS and Android apps are forthcoming, and the app would be used as a solution for news, events, and other activities. However, the VIP project is not a product of the SHIB developer community regardless; this important project anticipates joining hands with both Shibarium and SHIB, the future Metaverse.