IOHK CEO Calls Cardano Critics Malicious And Misinformed

The CEO of Input Output Hong Kong (IOHK) and Cardano’s founder Charles Hoskinson responded to criticizers of Cardano (a platform of blockchain) and ADA (the native crypto asset of the platform). The holder of ‘This Week’ at Ethereum and a strong supporter of ETH, Evan Van Ness, recently examined the sum of transactions maintained on the Cardano regarding the market cap.

He raised the question in this respect, stating that, as a matter of fact, there are only 20,000 transactions developed to be made per day. However, the valuation of ADA is about $63B regardless of the zero traction in a complete five-year period following its ICO (initial coin offering). Thus it has a valuation of $1.93M per day.

A set of anticipations made by Hoskinson during the previous year has been retweeted by a pseudonymous account of crypto known as Undervalued Cryptos, claiming that some of them have come true. The critiques diverted the attention of Hoskinson toward them, as he directly responded to the Undervalued Cryptos. While the functionality of the smart contract has hitherto be launched by Cardano, it has been figured out by Hoskinson that IOHK is planning to provide a lot of NFTs (non-fungible tokens), a significant quantity of value stored within the network, and blockchain-based identities to the Ethiopian students, all to count as the indications signifying the growth of the network.

If truth be told, he added, the company has traction containing NFTs valuing more than $10M, which have been purchased, and the assets of the network count to several hundred thousand across the network according to his perception.

He further opened to explain that the overall ecosystem is viable and healthy and since the anticipations up till now, the network has been broadened nearly three times regarding its value accumulation and the population. He alluded to state that the network is ranked number one across the whole crypto space.

He concluded the argument by directly addressing the critics of the Cardano network. He disclosed that critics of the network and its project are either having some wicked purpose or they are misinformed. The network remains to be one amongst the speedily flourishing, systematic, and most experienced networks all around the crypto industry, and its reference is made on approximately all the platforms of social media.