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InvestingState is a recommended broker for cryptocurrency trading, the broker offers all of its clients an intuitive trading platform with good customer service. You can sign up in the link below or continue reading the full InvestingState review to learn more about InvestingState.

InvestingState Review

InvestingState logoAre you looking for a reliable broker for online trading? InvestingState is one of the most reliable among many brokers that provide online services. Do you wonder how? Keep reading this InvestingState review to have detailed information on this fantastic platform and learn about its unique features.

Most of us are well aware of trades running through online platforms. These trades promise feasibility, ease, and a good return on investments. If done through a proper platform, they may help you build a fortune. Users must make an informed decision after proper research about different platforms and taking opinions from people who are successfully trading with online platforms. This review is based on personal experience with InvestingState and depicts a true picture of this online firm.

In today’s world, many people are interested in trading as it brings profits. With profits, they are able to achieve their ambitions. The fact is, trading is not easy. You need time, dedication, and significant investments to run your trades successfully. Even if you want to become a part of someone’s trade, you need to be extra vigilant in keeping records and checking accounts as there is always a chance of getting bluffed.

With online trading, the problems that come with trading are reduced to half, but the risks persist. People invested heavy amounts in platforms that vanished overnight after deceiving their clients. Such trading platforms defamed online trading and caused a setback to the growing industry. However, with the consistent hard work of some authentic, credible online trading platforms, the industry was able to survive, and now it is growing bigger with each passing day.

Online trading has observed a new high since 2018. People have drastically changed their minds about online trading platforms as they prospect that this industry has the potential to help them achieve their dreams. The number of active users of online trading platforms is 9.6 million, and new users join different platforms every day. Nowadays, more people are interested in trading cryptocurrencies and foreign exchanges as they offer significant profits in a minimum time. You can also bulk purchase these currencies and make a good profit during the fluctuation of prices. For all these activities, you need to have a reliable broker. Meeting a broker is synonymous with meeting a dream worker who works and earns on your behalf, benefits your trade with his expertise while you enjoy your favorite show on Netflix, or spend quality time with your loved ones.

You may choose a platform for trading, so why do you need a broker to hang between your, your trade, and the platform? Well, you will feel the importance of a broker as you begin and then try to sustain yourself in the trading industry. Due to the numerous benefits a broker has to offer. It must be the first thing you need to look for before you formally start your online trading career. It is the most crucial aspect to consider that is often overlooked.

A platform links you to the marketplace and leaves you to manage your trading activities, whereas the broker holds your hand and guides you to walk through it. Through years of experience and developed expertise, a broker is able to foresee financial situations and observe market trends.

Brokers make your trade and your life easy. They present you with the best choices for a platform along with complete guidance in your career. The brokers also provide services to assist you in trade, but it is a trader’s choice to accept all the services or select some from the list as per his likeness and feasibility. The services from a trustworthy broker facilitate the traders in optimizing their trades and earn efficiently. Although not all brokers are up to the mark, still there are many whose services mark a tremendous difference in building your online trade, and one of them is InvestingState.

InvestingState website

About InvestingState

InvestingState is an online broker service platform. The firm is not that old, but it has gained an enormous following. Due to its incredible services, it has earned a good name in the industry. InvestingState has a very positive customer-derived approach which has enhanced its reputation and attracted the attention of expert traders to join this platform. Beginners find it attractive as they see the name of InvestingState as a platform that takes care of all the needs of its customers.

The platform also stands out among the brokers because it is a trusted platform that has built its credibility among the customers by delivering reliable services. It presents a complete solution for all the problems that a person may face during online trading. They provide in-depth and professional trading solutions while ensuring a safe and secure environment that allows traders to trade freely without hassles. This online trading platform will enable you to trade foreign exchanges and your cryptocurrencies, so you just need to have a single account on a single platform to cater to all your requirements.

Like some extra chocolate chips in your favorite cookie to add flavor, the experience of joining InvestingState becomes more enjoyable as you learn that this firm comes from known background. This broker was created by Wooko Global LTD, a firm based in the Marshall Islands and London, United Kingdom. So you know that where the broker is coming from, you can trust them with your investments. So under the flag of Wooko Global LTD, InvestingState has successfully attracted the lobby of people to join the online trading platform.

Do you want to know more exciting features that InvestingState has to offer for its customers? I will present insight into this fantastic platform, but you will have to trust my reviews as they are for your guidance. This is not an article composed of gathering thoughts from here and there; instead, it is based on my personal experience. I have worked on some other trading platforms, but believe me, no other firm has such commendable asset indexes, trading tools, trading platforms, and facilities.

Unique Features Of InvestingState

Here we will discuss the features that set InvestingState far ahead of all other brokers. The features include

Trading Platform

There are many other trading platforms present in the online trading industry that offer you great services for trading. But once you get an account with InvestingState, you come to know the difference between genuine trading platforms and fake ones. A real trading platform has much more to offer to its customers than opening an account and getting access to the market.

InvestingState encourages its users to trade on various trading platforms and does not limit them to foreign exchange or cryptocurrency. The world is full of opportunities. Why not explore them. The users of InvestingState get access to six different trading platforms as they become registered members over there.

Online trading platforms allow one-click trading, powerful features, and an interface that is accessible through all the devices. The web version is accessible through your desktop, laptop, tablet, and even smartphone. It is possible because of the industry-leading MT4 platform, which is accessible in every form. But considering that many users prefer smartphones over any other device, InvestingState has a downloadable application available through their web and play store.

The web and application are both customized for the ease of their users. The dashboard is designed with special considerations as the design makes every necessary tool and feature available right in front of our eyes. The moving lines in the graph on the front indicate activity in the market in real-time. With this frequent update system, the traders get more exposure and information on analyzing market trends before investing in the trade.

InvestingState trading platform

Trading Instruments

InvestingState is all about serving the best opportunities while multiplying factors for your financial growth. Mainly brokers are with one or two trading instruments and limit your choices to bargain in the market. The scenario is the opposite with InvestngState. It calls out to try different instruments through its safe platform. The broker awards you free access to the world’s top financial markets and familiarizes you with profitable instruments they have to offer. You will see many trading instruments, and it is based on your choice to select any of them. If you want, the broker will help you pick the best one for you.

You can also diversify your portfolio and experience by trying your hands on different trading instruments. InvestingState has recently added cryptocurrency to its trading list, and now, it allows you to trade in the world’s leading crypto along with stocks, indices, forex, and commodities. You can try your luck and invest in multiple instruments and manage them with your fingertips.

Educational Resources

When we use the term education for online trading platforms, it does not mean formal training and lectures to educate you to step by step to upgrade your knowledge and resources. In the online trading world, keeping yourself educated means that you must be aware of the market trends and check the rises in the instruments before they fluctuate and fall right under your nose. So the traders need quick news from the market to crush their profits from the market.

With InvestingState, you get complete access to learn about common and rare terms used in the online trading business, so you can understand them better when they are used in daily conversations. Further, it also has guidelines that teach you to analyze the graphical presentations of different assets. InvestingState will present you the most up to the minute and contemporary market approaches, tactics, discoveries, and requirements, so you are able to make an informed decision about dealing with your investments.

Safe Platform

Safety is a concern when performing online trading. Trackers, hackers, scammers are all actively involved in targeting trading platforms to get information about the users as they try to get hold of the money coming into the system. Brokers that do not take sufficient steps to prevent these attacks become a source of misfortune for themselves as well as their customers.

InvestingState ensures that the platform is safe for trading purposes. It protects your information by showing compliance with the rules and regulations of regulating authorities that guarantee safeguard your personal information and passwords. The web is built on a secure domain and hosted with SSL. The security regime is further enhanced with the incorporation of KYC- know your customer strategy as the customers tend to submit proof for their identity verification by showing your original driving license or identity card at the time of registration. This strategy helps InvestingState to shoo away hackers and attackers from breaching your safe and secure trading platform.

Account Options

The first thing you need to start trading through an online trading platform is an active account. An account is your gateway to opportunities the online trading platform has to provide. Mostly trading platform brokers design different accounts that offer different facilities for the traders. The features may vary with the amount you are investing in the trade. Moreover, you may find that many brokers offer unique facilities for big investors.

At InvestingState, brokers have ruled out issues that traders face during the trade. They have not divided features on the basis of the investment. Instead, they have categorized it as per the need. These accounts facilitate the traders to the extent that they enjoy trading with InvestingState. There are three different accounts, namely silver, gold, and platinum. You must select the appropriate account type before making an investment. Instructional material, support, and trading tools remain constant in all the accounts. Considering the needs of Muslim customers, an account that compliance with their religion is available.

InvestingState is more than a broker service. Each account is equipped with a news feed, hedges, videos, customer assistance, and account manager that boosts your trading speed, and you learn to trade effectively and proficiently.

Trading Fees

Brokers and the trading platform provide services while bringing some profits into their pockets. However, some brokers try to get extra benefits by becoming a partner in profit or take a commission in each earning. This is not right. Traders have every right to enjoy the profit over their investments. On the other hand, it is the right of brokers to get facilitated against the services they provide. There is a continuous battle for deciding what should be the correct way.

This platform has the ability to coin appropriate solutions for every problem. Let me present the proof for this statement. InvestingState charges one-time trading fees from its customers at the time of opening an account. With this, you also need to pay only for the services you want to avail of rather than paying a lump sum amount for the services that you do not need. Here is the fee schedule offered by this brokerage firm:

  • wire transfers: 50.00 USD/ GBP/Euro
  • credit cards: 20.00 to 25.USD
  • ePayments: 25.00 USD/GBP/EURO
  • service charge: $12 USD/;
  • minimum withdrawal amount: $110
  • InvestingState charges 10% tax on the total amount withdrawn from your account.

All these charges are mentioned on the official website in the terms and conditions section. A new customer receives them in writing before starting their journey with InvestingState.

Deposits and Withdrawal 

As you register for any type of account, you need to make a deposit to start formal trading. You need to provide bank details registered in your name, and the system verifies it with the verification documents. Deposit for the three different categories of accounts is different, which is unknown. The deposit process has certain rules and regulations which are strictly under the control of WD policy.

When you request a withdrawal from your online trading account, the process takes 3 to 5 working days. Withdrawal is only made to the bank account registered at the time of account opening. This ensures delivery of the amount to the right customer and evades security risks. As declared in the terms and conditions, the minimum withdrawal amount is $110, which is subjected to 10% tax. InvestingState does not charge any amount for withdrawal. This process is also regulated under WD policy and the terms and conditions of the platform.

Final Verdict

Traders require a safe and secure environment that facilitates their trading journey at each step and assists them in making big profits as a return on their investments. For this, they look forward to choosing trading platforms. It is crucial to choose a platform that is credible and holds a good reputation among customers and provides a comprehensive and quick solution for trading problems. It must have experts to assist them in its trading activities.

After reviewing different trading platforms, I have concluded that InvestingState is so far the most extensive and facilitating online trading platform that stands out among numerous platforms due to its unique features. Along with its unique features, it has basic facilities that facilitate beyond the expectations of the traders. Constant customer support, user-friendly interface, quick website, and free trading tools are the facilities that the trader enjoys throughout their trading journey with InvestingState.