How Tron (TRX) Outshined BTC, SHIB & ETH Since June 2021 In Profitability

Tron (TRX) has something for investors. The alternative token dominated news within the past few weeks. Nevertheless, TRX is yet to confirm its presence with more significant actions within the current bear market. While investors holding the top 20 cryptos suffer losses, Tron enthusiasts cheer profits.

Tron Dominates the Market

Tron (TRX) is the only token in the top 15 with profits as far as YTD price changes in the cryptocurrency market are concerned. The alternative token has surged approximately 4.59% since June last year, and no other crypto in the mentioned list recorded such impressive growth.

Meanwhile, Tron outshined market leaders Bitcoin and Ethereum. BTC lost 37% within the same timeframe, while Ethereum’s losses amount to 53%. Even Solana, which dominated 2021, is nearly 80% down.

Nevertheless, this year appears somewhat different for TRX, and Tron even removed Shiba Inu (SHIB) from the top 15 crypto list. The alt overcame the canine-themed crypto in market capitalization by a substantial margin. For now, all TRX tokens’ value stands above $7.4 billion.

Nevertheless, TRX struggles to hit the price range at $0.10, levels last seen in November last year/ Though the alternative token gained around 60% over the past two months, Tron could not accomplish the 10 cents goal and dropped towards $0.07 at this publication.

Meanwhile, the altcoin boasts lucrative support from its investors despite its price performance. Tron had an active community that pushed the asset’s growth. With about 1.6 million active users on its chain, Tron completes over 5.1 million transfers each day. The surge in transactions only began in October 2021, when the platform processed around 2 million transactions.

Moreover, most of the activity emerged last month. Nevertheless, the sudden growth exposed TRX investors to price fluctuations, and massive Tron volatility confirms such narratives. Average volatility per month saw a substantial increase since April this year and might translate to challenges for TRX to hit $0.1.

Nevertheless, Tron investors remain impressed since TRX offers more lucrative profits than any assets within the ongoing market-wide struggle.

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