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The platform provides traders with current market updates and also allows them to see their trades in real-time. has responded positively to traders’ desire who are always on the move and need to place trades while in transit.

GTlot Review

There has always been an array of trading assets in the financial market. Over the years, trading enthusiasts have continued to pursue financial instruments that have the greatest potential.

Today, one of the most sought-after trading assets in the financial is cryptocurrency. The first crypto project, Bitcoin, was launched in 2008. Since then, several cryptocurrencies have emerged.

Virtual currencies have gained significant prominence in the e-payment sector. More people are turning toward these cryptocurrencies to make payments as a result of its decentralized nature.

The use of virtual currencies is gradually moving into the mainstream as some renowned stores are beginning to accept it as a medium of payment. The trading of cryptos in the financial market has also recorded a huge surge.

The demand for cryptocurrencies has skyrocketed in recent years, leading to a rise in the value of major virtual currencies such as Bitcoin and Litecoin. Many investors have cashed in on the trading of cryptocurrencies by raking in huge profits within a very short period.

Investing in cryptocurrencies has come to become the new buzz for many traders in the financial market. Today most trader wants a share of the virtual currency cake and not even it’s high volatility is slowing them down.

They are ready to take the risk of investing in cryptocurrencies because of the obvious potentials they parade. To trade cryptos in the financial market, you would require a broker. A broker is a company on whose platform you can choose from different cryptocurrencies and trade.

Interestingly the success of the maiden cryptocurrency Bitcoin sparked the advent of a variety of virtual currencies. So also, the number of brokers offering cryptocurrencies as a financial instrument has risen astronomically.

It does not come as a surprise for watchers of virtual currencies. Financial experts believe that the future of e -payment lies in cryptocurrencies, so their true potentials have not even been reached.

Selecting a broker to trade cryptocurrencies is not as straightforward as it may appear. Numerous brokers offer cryptos as part of their trading assets. However, you would need to take a very close look at the broker to avoid being a victim of online crypto scams.

The emergence of Bitcoin as the first cryptocurrency created a whole new vibe. Its impact on the financial market has been enormous. Nonetheless, it also awakened scammers who played on many traders fleecing away billions of dollars. For this reason, traders must tread carefully and cautiously.

Stories of crypto scam remain vivid in the minds of many traders. Many victims of crypto fraud did not consider the proper scrutiny of their broker as an issue. They were simply led on to believe they were dealing with a genuine broker.

A thorough check on the supposed broker would have raised some red flags, which puts the trader on high alert. Many sham brokers pose online as legitimate brokerage firms.

They promise mouth-watering returns to unsuspecting traders. In the end, they vanish from radar, change their name, and return to continue their fraudulent activities.

Trading enthusiasts must watch out for obvious red flags that show a broker is not legit. The last thing any trader would want theft of their personal information and breach of their accounts.

It is quite a sad and harrowing experience. So as traders, you need to ascertain if your broker is regulated. Similarly, if their activities are shrouded in secrecy with very little information about them, it’s best to stay clear from the broker.

Traders can also bank on independent reviews to make an informed decision on intending to select for trading. While there are many fake brokers in the market, few are still honest and also outstanding.

This unbiased review of is aimed at accessing the broker based on several standard indices in the industry. We have also done thorough research on the broker to present traders with valid information they might need as regards

What is is a broker who specializes in the trade of cryptocurrencies. The broker has its office located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. They offer traders the possibility of trading cryptocurrencies, and another financial instruments. delivers its services to an array of clients globally. The broker has well-developed and robust services that adequately cover the needs of beginners and professionals in the business of trading. is one broker that ensures that its client’s trading environment is secure and optimally built to guarantee profitability. The broker platform is integrated with outstanding features designed to enable traders to make maximum returns at their investment.

 So why is regarded as one of the best brokers in the industry? The answers are not farfetched.

Trading protocols are simple and stress-free

Some people see trading as a complex and frustrating exercise. This erroneous assumption is fueled by how some brokers have made the trading process look like rocket science.

Gladly has erased such beliefs. They make the procedures to trade quite simple and straightforward on their platform. Unlike some other brokers, opening an account on is fast and takes just a few minutes to begin trading.

 The broker deliberately focuses on offering developed and contemporary payment options. Once you are done opening an account, the next step is funding the account. The financial market is very volatile; traders can lose all their capital if they do not trade responsibly.

Hence newbies are required to fund their accounts with very little amounts and slowly increase it as they improve  their proficiency in trading. On the other hand, experienced trading can find their accounts as much as their budget can carry. It is agreed that these sets of traders can absorb unexpected market shocks. offers easy deposit options to its clients. The broker ingeniously integrates conventional and contemporary payment options to suit the preference of its clients.

Traders can choose to pay through simple and secured bank transfer or debit and credit cards such as Visa card, Master Card, and Maestro. The broker also favors the use of wallets like Netteler, Webmoney, and Skrill.

To uphold its level of transparency, the broker spells out the cost associated with the different payment options. Traders can then select their preferred payment option based on their own choice.

A well-secured trading platform

As stated earlier, the remarkable impact of Bitcoin in the financial market sparked a chain of planned and calculated activities by crooked individuals to defraud traders of their funds.

The activities of these cybercriminals and some people feared for the future of the crypto. Considering such sad events, has taken significant measures to ensure the identity and funds of its cybercrime cyber protected.

The broker fosters these processes by utilizing an encryption technology that protects the identity of traders against identity thieves. Similarly, strictly follows its policies of Know your customer (KYC) and Anti- Money Laundering (AML) to checkmate incidences of money laundering via their platform.

These policies require traders to show proof of identity and address. All these standards are put in place to ensure that only the trader can access their account, deposit, and withdraw their funds. does not permit a third-party account, essentially to curb any fraudulent acts on the platform.

The broker also gives security tips to traders on the best way they can keep and protect their password from a security breach. understands the need for the funds of clients to be safe.

Hence the broker has created segregated accounts where funds of clients are kept. By so doing, traders are sure to get back their funds, even if the broker goes bankrupt.

Tremendous collection of financial instruments essentially focuses on offering its traders a wide range of cryptocurrencies. The broker does not limit the trade of cryptocurrencies to just Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum alone. offers many other crypto products such as Bitcoin Cash, Ripple, Moreno, NEM, etc. Interestingly, is not entirely a crypto trading company.

The broker understands the need for traders to diversify their portfolios to minimize risks. Trading all your capital on a single asset may not be a wise investment decision. Crypto trading comes with a lot of risks as well as high returns.

 So, trading on allows you to reduce your risks by investing in other financial instruments offered by the broker. If you choose to trade-in forex pairs, with,, you will be on the path to profitable trading.

Traders can trade in major and minor pairs. Some common forex pairs include (EUR/USD), (USD/JPY), (GBP/USD). You can also trade in stocks of major flourishing companies. Commodities trading assets come with lesser risks when compared to the other financial instruments.

You find commodities such as wheat, crude oil, sugar, metal, etc., being traded by the broker. The indices market is a highly volatile one.

However, it also presents a high yield return for investors. You can find indices such as the S&P 500, Dow Jones, Nikkei, etc. An intelligent broker can combine some of these trading assets to reduce their trading risk and earn very impressive returns in no distant time.

Outstanding and unique trading platform with robust tools

One of the important factors that distinguish a solid broker is how sophisticated is its trading platform. Traders are very much concerned with the type of trading platform a broker is offering.

The trading platform is vital because it determines, to a large extent, how well the trading experience with the broker will be. A trading platform that is fraught with outdated trading tools can be very difficult to work with.

It is common in the industry to notice that some trading platforms or brokers are very slow in performance. Also, some of these trading platforms continue to witness periodic crashes leaving the traders disappointed.

 An easy to use trading platform with powerful trading tools improves the chances of the trader significantly to make a profit.

A trading platform is beyond a medium used for trading. It is the live wire of the broker on which every activity takes place. Hence it must be designed to satisfy the yearnings of traders. has taken its time to painstaking research on developing a trading platform driven by modern and cutting-edge solutions.

The trading platform of is powered by advanced technology, yet it is quite simple and easy to use. Though sophisticated, the trading platform is far from complex, that even beginners can navigate their way around it with ease.

Traders can select from the variety of financial instruments on the trading platform. The broker’s trading platform is web-based, meaning you do not have to download or install any software to access it. It can be accessed through any website across any device.

Embedded on the trading platform are unique trading tools ranging from multiple asset trading and charting tools. The trading platform also has unique features such as instinctive user interface, single-click option, and fast execution to facilitate a smooth trading experience.

The platform provides traders with current market updates and also allows them to see their trades in real-time. has responded positively to traders’ desire who are always on the move and need to place trades while in transit.

The mobile app version is convenient and flexible to use. The app can be downloaded from the Android play store and iOS Apple Store. The mobile app is prompt and also comes with impressive features aimed at helping the trader to make smart trading decisions.

Precise and comprehensive educational tools and resources.

To become successful in trading, you must be armed with vital information that can unlock the door to the secrets of trading. Traders must be adequately guided to prevent them from making grave investment decisions that could ruin their trading experience.

 It is no gainsaying to state that the crypto market is highly erratic. A slight move in the wrong direction can spell doom for traders. Knowing what signals or indicators to follow and trading techniques to adopt are some of the lingering questions on the minds of traders.

Professional traders are not excluded from this seeming dilemma. Keeping up with the ever-changing trends in the financial market is quite challenging. Hence traders need to have the necessary education to help them succeed. has a collection of tremendous educational resources that are very beneficial to the trader. The broker takes the education of its clients so seriously that it had to establish an Education Academy for traders.

This academy provides traders with all the necessary and updated information regarding trading on their platform. Some of the features of the educational resources offered by include the following:

  • EBooks
  • Online videos
  • Online tutorials from expert traders
  • Webinars

All these materials listed cover a wide range of relevant topics that are well researched and detailed. Traders can rely on these educational resources to help them fulfill their trading aspirations.’s educational tools are exclusive to the broker and are beneficial to all of its traders, be it a beginner or professional in the field of trading.

Outstanding Customer support

Often traders get stuck in their trading activity. Traders can be in a fix as regards what actions to take. While it is agreed that information abounds everywhere, specific information can only be provided by your broker.

Hence traders must, from the onset, consider the effectiveness of the customer support of a broker before engaging it. Poor customer support largely contributes to the losses experienced by many traders., as a responsible broker, recognizes the importance of having great customer support. Hence, they have developed a customer support network that sufficiently covers the needs of its traders.

The broker’s customer support has established channels through which customers can reach them. Traders can send complaints via their email address or by filling their online form.

If you seek to have a verbal interaction with your clients, you can reach them via the phone number displayed on their website. Traders can be rest assured of the broker’s service.

Their support staff exhibit courtesy and show satisfactory knowledge as regards trading. are prompt in responding to queries and take a step by step approach in dealing with client s’ complaints.’s customer support is among the best you can find among any broker out there.

Conclusion has come to establish itself as a reliable and respected broker despite the short span it has been in the market. The broker has taken stringent measures to guarantee the safety of funds of traders by enforcing its KYC and AML policies. Its seamless trading platform enhances the trading experience of traders.

With a focus on cryptocurrencies and other financial instruments, traders can conveniently divert their portfolios to minimize their risks. The broker guarantees its traders a measurable return on their investment. is a broker that can give even the older established a run for their money. All round the broker is highly recommended for traders whose trading aspirations is to trade with peace of mind while making profits.