Grimes, a Canadian Musician Gets $6 Million After Selling Her NFT Collection


  • The Canadian singer Grimes just sold her NFT collections for a whopping $6million
  • This collection of NFTs was accessible on Nifty Gateway, and it got sold out in just under 20 minutes
  • The NFTs are already very famous in the digital art community, and now they have tapped into a new market and are tokenizing experiences

Grimes’ NFT Collection

Claire Elise Boucher, also known as Grimes, is a musician from Canada, and she sold her collection of art-related non-fungible tokens (NFTs) for almost $6 million the last weekend.

This collection of non-fungible token art pieces is known as WarNymph Collection Volume 1. The WarNymph avatar is imitated in this collection which Grimes made for herself. ‘Miss Anthropocene’ was the album that came out simultaneously with her avatar to mark the celebration of her fifth album.

Mac Boucher, Claire’s brother, collaborated with her to create this collection, which includes ten different pieces. Even though most of the collection is made up of still images, there are three animations that are set to be released with some exclusive tracks by Grimes.

Grimes stated that she is very happy with this project, and from the start, it was aimed to explore the flexibility of one’s identity in this virtual age, the freedom to make, splinter, and augment yourself into endless avatars and to create limitless worlds, and create complex and rich lore.

NFT’s High Demand

Nifty Gateway, the property of the Winklevoss twins, was the platform that partnered with Grimes to make this sale of the NFT collection possible. Nine out of ten pieces were sold in a time span of twenty minutes, and the last one was sold for a huge amount of $389k on 1st March 21. It is has been seen that some of these limited collectibles are already put by the first owners on sale in the secondary market.

Aside from digital art, ‘moments’ NFTs are now being sold as we saw the sale of Logan Paul’s NFT in which he was unboxing his Pokémon collection and NBA selling the top shot NFTs.