Grayscale Plans To Donate $1 Million To Community Match After Donating $1 Million To Coin Center

Grayscale is all set to give a donation of $2 Million to the United States-based digital currency interest groups to help them in influencing the regulatory policies and public opinions generally.

Coin Center, a digital currency advocacy group, has received a donation of $1 million from the leading digital asset management firm Grayscale, and the same company has also pledged to add to the community’s donations to the non-profit organization with $1 Million.

Grayscale is the largest cryptocurrency asset manager in the world and has joined hands with a non-profit organization called Coin Center, founded in 2014 who has been at the forefront of every discussion that is related to public opinions and cryptocurrency regulations.

Campaigns From Coin Center Are Noticed And Paying Off

One of the recent campaigns of this Washington based group is the awareness about the proposal made concerning the self-hosted cryptocurrency wallets. The director of communications at Coin Center, Neeraj Agarwal A. said, “Being in support of such non-profits campaigns as this is a very strategic investment”. He further said in a tweet on Twitter that the funds that they have received will be of good help to continue the fight in ensuring a very accurate policy guiding the crypto space at such a time when there is a higher level of scrutiny.

Coin Center has not only received such a massive donation from Grayscale rather, it received another donation from a famous cryptocurrency exchange. It was recorded and reported that in 2018, the America-based cryptocurrency exchange, Kraken, also donated a sum of $1 Million to Coin Center.

Peter McCormack, a crypto-based podcaster whose fame is from his battle legally with Craig S. Wright, a Satoshi claimant, is the first outlet to make the donation public on his Twitter page even before a corresponding official announcement from Grayscale. He said that he will also go ahead to donate ten thousand dollars ($10,000) to the non-profit advocacy group Coin Center to support the campaigns and awareness.