Google Cloud and Fortress Blockchain Offer Private NFT Data Storage

At the Singapore conference Token2049 today, Fortress Blockchain Technologies unveiled their new product, The Fortress Vault. The Fortress Vault is a revolutionary database solution for non-fungible tokens (NFTs) built on Google Cloud. 

Fortress Vault Will Store Tokenized IP From All Enterprises

Blockchain’s accessibility, privacy, mobility, and provenance preserve assets by discreetly keeping material. Documents can now be encrypted, saved, referenced, tracked, and accessed in a digitally functioning society. With Vault, it is achievable without false identity, human error, or exposing private data by proving provenance, ownership, and validity. 

Vault is cutting edge because of how well it protects NFT-accessible private information. Healthcare, event ticketing, gaming, music, real estate, and transportation can benefit. “NFTs aren’t simply pricey jpegs,” argues Fortress co-founder and CTO Kevin Lehtiniitty. 

Kevin explains that NFTs are a distributed ledger technology used to verify an asset’s legitimacy and track its history. He said that if people can couple the token to data accessible only by the token holder, then non-fungible tokens (NFTs) become a digital key that can unlock everything. Basically, to anything in the world that is digital.

Before the advent of Vault, blockchain data was either freely available or stored in unmonitored databases across several computers. As a result, digital assets such as NFTs did not include confidential or otherwise valuable information or intellectual property. Vault is a cloud-based, protected, unified system that allows corporate users to store tokenized intellectual property privately.

The Collaboration Will Aid the Development of The Web’s Ecological System

Lehtiniitty further stated that NFTs and the blockchain would fundamentally transform every industry in our society. Lehtiniitty further on why it is advantageous to construct Fortress Vault on Google Cloud’s safe platform. These benefits drive the entertainment, government, and public sector to build blockchain-based products that fulfill privacy and regulatory regulations.

Carlos Arena, Google Cloud’s director of digital assets, expressed excitement about working alongside Fortress Blockchain Technologies. They’re excited to support the company’s new Vault platform by offering a secure cloud infrastructure. Carlos elaborated that their collaboration strengthens their goal of facilitating the Web3 ecosystem. 

Fortress has already started removing obstacles with accessible, simplified APIs before the release of Vault. The APIs allowed any Web3 acceptability level firms to create and develop quickly by including wallets for fungible rewards tokens and NFTs. Fortress Trust monitors Vault to ensure it abides by all applicable privacy and security laws and regulations.

About Fortress

Financial, regulatory, and technological frameworks are the specialties of Fortress Blockchain Technologies. This product is for the Web3 industry, which is expanding quickly. This includes embeddable NFT & crypto wallets, seamless minting engines, and secured vaults for private content. Fortress has just completed a Seed Round of $22.5M led by Ayon Capital.