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GoldenFEX is a recommended broker for cryptocurrency trading, the broker offers all of its clients an intuitive trading platform with good customer service. You can sign up in the link below or continue reading the full GoldenFEX review to learn more about GoldenFEX.


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Online trading can be quite risky if you jump the gun and make hasty decisions. One of these most important decisions is choosing the right trading platform where you register your trading account. There happen to be several shady trading establishments in the financial world and to make sure you do not fall victim to anyone of them, you have to do your due diligence when selecting a reliable trading platform.

I would recommend that you sign up with GoldenFEX which is a highly dependable platform and serves many online traders around the world. Here, is a review of the best features and traits of this platform.

Flexible Channels for Deposits and Withdrawals

Having several payment channels at your disposal is critical for any online trader. That is because making deposits and withdrawals is a frequent task for traders and having several payment options available for them makes it easy to opt for the one that is most convenient for them at the time.

A prime advantage of trading on GoldenFEX is that you have many payment and banking options available and you can select any one you want to withdraw or deposit money from your investment account. To be more precise, you may choose between bank transfers, 3rd party payment tools such as Upay (these tools have become quite common lately), PayPal, credit and debit cards.

If you would like to make a small and quick transaction, then credit/debit card payment solution is probably best for you as the money will be wired in the destination account usually within the same day of transfer. Conversely, if it’s a large amount, then traders generally prefer bank transfers. However, these take around 3-4 business days to complete so make your plans accordingly.

In addition, you will also receive a notification in your email for every transaction that you make. This is the email you registered your trading account with. This particular feature helps you to keep track of all your finances and funds that enter and exit your bank account.

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Security and 3rd Party Regulation

There is barely any doubt that security is one of the first things people consider when they are choosing a trading platform. Every trader wants the guarantee that he or she will be able to trade in a completely safe environment where there is no risk to their funds or their personal information.

As per my experience, the security features of the GoldenFEX trading platform are very good and provide the traders the peace of mind they need to trade comfortably without any anxiety. GoldenFEX have implemented a strong firewall system and 2 factor face authorization that makes sure any cybercriminal, hacker or any other unauthorized person is not able to break into the system and access the trading accounts of the users.

They also use a 3rd party regulation agency that closely monitors the transactions that take place between the trader and the broker. This regulation agency has the power to seize the license of the broker if they find him or her misuse your funds in any way or perform some doubtful activity that violates the terms and conditions. Hence, you can rest assured the broker will always act  in your best interests.

Instruments of Trade

When you trade on the GoldenFEX, you may choose between a number trading instruments from the same platform. There are scores of trading options available on their platform which include futures, stocks, indices, crypto currencies and you also have access to the Forex market. You can opt for any of these as per your preferences. There is no restriction as to how many trading instruments you can select to invest in regardless of whether you are a professional trader or a newcomer who is just starting out on his or her trading journey.

Of course, the best practice would to be choose the ones that align with your investment budget and overall trading goals. Also be sure to go through the pros and cons of all trading instruments as that would allow you to select the most suitable ones to invest in.

Trading Accounts

If you have checked out websites of some online brokers, you would most likely seek that most of them just offer a single trading account to all its traders. This is considerable limitation as you do not have the flexibility to choose the account as per your investment budget and other preferences. That said, I would like to highlight that GoldenFEX provides 3 different types of trading accounts to all traders keen on trading with them.

The 3 types are Beginner, Intermediate and Expert. The Beginner trading account is best for you if you have a limited investment and do not want to risk too much money at first. With just 250 euros, you can begin trading and have access to all the basic trading tools that you need. On the other hand, I would suggest you sign up for the Intermediate or the Expert account if you have more funds available. Although the initial deposit requirement is much more for these 2 types of accounts (5000 euros and 2000 euros), you will have access to some extra features like a dedicated account manager and 1-1 session with trading experts. Furthermore, you will be able to grow your trading portfolio much quickly and reap in more profits as well.

If you are still uncertain as to which trading account to go for, you can always consult with the broker who will be happy to guide you.

Bottom Line

If you are looking for a trading platform that truly helps you to succeed in spades, then GoldenFEX is one of your best bets. It has all the important features that a trading platform needs to have and will help you in every step of your trading journey. Head over to their website and register for a trading account with them today. After you wire your funds, you can start trading right away and become a successful trader in a short time.