GlobalTrades Review – Is a Recommended Crypto Broker?

Global Trades Broker Rating
  • 92%
    Overall Score - 92%


GlobalTrades is a recommended broker for cryptocurrency trading, the broker offers all of its clients an intuitive trading platform with good customer service. You can sign up in the link below or continue reading the full review to learn more about Global Trades.

GlobalTrades Review

GlobalTrades logoIf you are eager to start an online trading journey, then it is important you make the right choices. Making the right choices in the online trading industry means going for a trading platform that does not confine or limit your trading opportunities and capabilities.

Instead, it lets you spread your wings and grants you complete freedom over the trading options as well as trades. If that is what you are looking for, then you can stay with me and go through my Global Trades review.

I shall try my best to explain in my GlobalTrades review how this platform is offering you with freedom and options.

Variety of Trading Assets

When you want to trade, the first thing you are required to do is choose a trading asset. Most of the trading platforms offer a limited or handful of trading assets. However, the broker offers you complete freedom in choosing the trading platform of your choice.

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Through the platform, you can perform trades in multiple assets. These assets include commodities, forex, stocks, indices, and cryptocurrency trading. These are the major assets that tend to offer hundreds of sub-assets that you can choose to trade with.

Variety of Trading Accounts

Similar to the trading assets, the Global Trades broker offers you access to multiple trading accounts. These accounts are based on your trading experience and exposure to the trading markets. You can go for the basic account, the mediocre level account, or the advanced level accounts. It is up to you to choose the trading account that you like and expect to be helpful throughout your trading journey. As your trading confidence and experience grows, you can jump to the advanced trading accounts.

Exceptional Trading Platform

The trading broker is known for providing an exceptional trading platform. The best thing about it is that it is the GlobalTrades trading platform, which means that the teams at GlobalTrades have developed it.

It offers multiple options and tools you can refer to when performing trades. It offers latest trading charts/graphs, historical reports, trading signals, automated trades, economic calendar, latest market news, reviews, and so much more. With the trading platform, you are not bound to a single operating system. Instead, you can open the trading platform using the web-browsers. It can be accessed using your credentials via a smartphone, laptop, desktop, and tablets.

Variety of Funding Options and Security

With the Global Trades trading service provider, you have access to multiple funding options such as credit/debit cards. You will be surprised to see in this GlobalTrades review that it even offers you carry out deposits using bank wire and the crypto wallets.

As for the withdrawals, you can refer to the same depositing methods but it takes them around 5-7 business days to be processed.

Some people tend to claim that the particular trading service provider might be a scam usually referring to it as scam. Although they made such claims, they do not try to use its services to understand what the platform has to offer.

If they understand the level of security the platform offers, they would stop labeling it as Global Trades scam. The platform is very serious about the security of your transactions. Whether it is a private transaction or a financial one, it is protected with encryptions that has been acquired through the SSL Security Certification.

GlobalTrades security

Compliance is a Must

For those labelling the platform as a GlobalTrades scam, it is a highly regulated firm, which wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t certified. The platform has thousands of clients because it is regulated and has always maintained a professional stance. While maintaining KYC and AML compliance, the platform aims to offer the best and most professional trading environment.

Highly Professional Support Representatives

The support professionals at the firm are always ready to listen to your queries and give prompt resolutions. You can either ring them or email them 24/7 and expect a prompt reply from their end.

Ending Thoughts

You must understand that if you keep yourself confined to limited options, you will never be able to learn more or increase your portfolio. If you wish to learn more and increase your earning opportunities, then it is important you expand your portfolio and learn about more assets.