Global Markets Association Review – Is This Trading Platform Worth It?

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We have found Global Markets Association as one of the few legitimate, trusted, and reliable brokers. Traders and investors on the Global Markets Association brokerage platform enjoy superb customer support and the best user experience. Global Markets Association has positioned itself in the financial market as a trusted, legitimate, and reliable brokerage platform that traders and investors can trust with their investments.

Global Markets Association Review Review

Trusted Broker

Trusted Broker

The global financial system has witnessed several positive and negative developments, such that the market investors and traders in the financial market understand the risk involved in the ever-volatile assets trading market. The financial market is not made for the faint-hearted, but for traders and investors who can take significant risks on investments. Each trader and investor – beginners or experts – have different capacity levels when it comes to taking risks and the amount of capital that they can invest in the financial market.

The goal of every trader and investor is to make a profit from their investment and trading deals in the assets trading market. To achieve this, such a trader or investor must be equipped with the nitty-gritty of the financial market, the market trends, risk level, spread, and trading tools that will help him or her breakthrough in the market.

The ability to make a huge profit from the financial market has attracted many investors and traders to the booming financial sector. Likewise, the growing popularity of the financial market among other investment industries has equally given room to the emergence of several exchanges and brokerage platforms across the globe. The brokers are meant to be the foundation upon which trading deals in the financial market are built.

The challenge with this however, is that the majority of the numerous brokers are unreliable and inexperienced. Some scam exchange platforms are ripping investors and unsuspecting traders off their funds and investments. This scenario has created a lot of trust issues among traders, investors, and exchange platforms in the financial market. Hence, there is a need to carefully scrutinize the activities and functions of a broker before investing funds into it.

Apart from the reliability of a broker, investors and traders need to critically examine the number and nature of financial assets available on the broker’s platform. While some traders and investors prefer to focus their trades on a particular financial product, other traders prefer to diversify and explore different trading products available in the assets trading market.

For instance, some investors and traders make high profits on foreign currency exchange (forex), while other traders and investors comfortably make their money trading on indices, commodities, stocks, shares, futures, metals, and recently cryptos. Therefore, a good broker must be able to satisfy its numerous clients’ trading needs by providing profitable trading instruments and other financial tools to its clients at all times.

Meanwhile, the choice of a brokerage firm that a trader or investor makes will determine how far such a trader or investor will go in the financial market, and how profitable the trading experience will be for such a trader. The smart traders in the financial market know the importance of a reliable broker, thus making calculated findings before choosing any brokerage service.

As we have the bad eggs among brokerage firms, there are brokers who have also earned the reputation of being legitimate, reliable, professional, and responsible to their clients. These are the set of exchange platforms that traders and investors require in the market. Getting a reliable broker should not be such a daunting task, as one can easily search the web to get details of any broker’s services.

However, going through the technical terms and functionalities of brokerage firms can be time-consuming. The time spent on that can better be invested in trading and making profits in the market. Therefore, we have taken the stress off your shoulder to look into the legitimate and responsible brokers available in the financial market by delving into their features, services, and their offer to traders and investors in the financial market.

As a result, we have found Global Markets Association as one of the few legitimate, trusted, and reliable brokers. Here is a review of its brokerage platform to assist you in making smart and calculated investment decisions.

A Quick Overview Of Global Markets Association

Broker Global Markets Association
Parent company Global Markets Association
Customer service 24 hours a day, and 7 days a week via email
Trading products Forex, indices, shares, commodities, stock, and cryptocurrencies
Security measures Know Your Customers (KYC) policy: Proof of Identity (POI), and Proof of Residence (POR).Anti-Money Laundering (AML)
Payment options Visa card, and MasterCard
Real Trading account Yes
Demo account Yes
Islamic account Yes
Trading platforms Meta trader 4 (MT4) web trader, MT4 mobile trader, and MT4 Terminal
Language options English language, Russian language, and German language

Global Markets Association was founded by a group of professional traders who have amassed a great wealth of knowledge of the financial market and tired of the ‘make money by any means’ attitude of people. This group of professionals wanted a company they could be proud of being with, and a firm that will cater to the investment needs of all kinds of traders and investors in the financial market.

The customer-oriented services of the Global Markets Association have attracted several traders and investors to the broker’s platform. Global Markets Association provides brokerage services to its numerous clients worldwide by creating a platform upon which traders and investors can make a huge profit from the financial market and enjoy a fantastic trading experience.

The broker is committed to providing a market-leading service based on fair and transparent prices and comprehensive customer support. With the customer care team of this broker always available 24 hours a day to handle clients’ queries, traders, and investors on the Global Markets Association platform enjoy all-round support.

Whether trading forex or any other trading products, the traders and investors on the service of this broker enjoy personal financial assistance from dedicated account managers who will handle each individual client based on their trading and financial needs.

This broker is committed to helping its traders and investors grow and profit in the market by providing them with necessary trading tools and analysis that will aid the improvement of their trading skills. Furthermore, the broker offers multiple trading assets to its clients. Apart from the popular forex market, traders and investors can make huge profits from other trading products such as stocks, indices, shares, commodities, and cryptocurrencies. Hence, the clients of Global Markets Association enjoy access to over 5,000 global markets. Each trading product has the potential to transform a small capital investment into a huge and profitable investment.

Global Markets Association has provided multiple choice of trading accounts on its platform. The clients of this broker are provided with a live trading account to execute their trades. Likewise, an Islamic trading account has been provided for traders and investors of the Islamic faith.

The broker understands that the treading needs of each trader and investor are different from others and that its clients need to have a grasp of the technicalities of the market, as well as market techniques. Therefore, Global Markets Association provides a demo trading account for traders to engage the market using virtual money provided for trading purposes. With a demo trading account, traders and investors can fine-tune their trading skills and try out new market tactics. The demo trading account is suitable for both beginners and experienced traders.

In terms of deposit and withdrawal of funds, the broker has partnered with leading and secure payment providers to allow traders and investors on its platform to deposit funds with the most convenient method available for them. Deposits and withdrawals are securely processed from a single source. Besides, Global Markets Association has developed a personalized and sophisticated client portal to ensure the safety of its clients’ funds.

In terms of the security of funds and data of clients, the broker encrypts the data sharing between the customers and the server. Also, Global Markets Association uses the Know Your Customers (KYC) security policy to verify the traders’ and investors’ accounts. The verification procedure involves providing a Proof of Identity (POI) and Proof of Residence (POR) documents.

To enjoy a fantastic trading experience, the traders and investors on the services of Global Markets Association are provided with different trading platforms – the Meta trader 4 Terminal, the Meta trader 4 mobile platforms, and the Meta trader 4 web platforms.

UNIQUE FEATURES OF Global Markets Association

Superb Customer Support

Traders and investors on the Global Markets Association brokerage platform enjoy superb customer support and the best user experience. The broker has a team of professional, courteous, and well-informed customer service personnel to provide support, guidance, and solution to its numerous clients. The customer care team is able and well equipped to handle queries and questions from clients and equally provide accurate solutions to their problems. The customer support team works 24 hours a day and seven days a week to ensure that clients of this broker are adequately satisfied and enjoy a pleasant trading experience in the financial market. The clients of the broker can contact customer support via email.

Multiple Language Options

As a global brokerage company with clients across the globe, the Global Markets Association exchange firm provides multiple language options for its clients to interact with the platform. The need to create smooth and borderless communication with the clients and also to ensure that the customers of the broker have a proper understanding of the platform has necessitated the multilingual provision. Thus, the Global Markets Association brokerage platform is available in the English language, German language, and the Russian language.

Trading Accounts

Trading on the platform of Global Markets Association involves a simple process. The trading accounts are divided into different categories, such that traders and investors are provided with different trading options – training and live.

The Demo Account

The Global Markets Association brokerage firm has provided an avenue for traders and investors on its brokerage service to learn new marketing tactics, familiarize themselves with the financial market, and fine-tune their trading techniques. This is done through the demo trading account. Before starting to trade in the financial market with a live trading account, it is essential that a trader or investor understand the nature of the market by using the demo account to understand everything there is to know about the market.

With the free demo account, all traders and investors, regardless of their trading experience, knowledge or education, are able to use the free virtual money provided to engage in the risk-free trades in the market. A demo trading account allows traders to mimic the live trade prices and understands how the platform works. Demo accounts also help traders and investors to understand the different trading tools, signals, order executions, and other essential factors.

The Real Account

Global Markets Association also provides a real account for its clients to trade in the financial market. When a trader or investor has gotten a proper understanding of the financial market, as well as market techniques with the demo trading account, the next phase is to engage in the live trade. Forex live trade is all about trading in the real trading environment.

On a demo account, real money is not at stake while trading, and by implication, the risk level is extremely low. However, in a live trading account, a little emotion is involved due to the risk level and the real funds at stake. The Global Markets Association has positioned itself as a high quality, reputable, and regulated broker, and thus, the clients of the broker can rest assured of the high-quality services of the broker.

The Islamic Account

With this Global Markets Association trading account there are no swap or rollover charges for holding trade positions overnight. The broker recognizes the importance of the traders and investors following the Islamic faith to abide by their laws and beliefs strictly.

This Islamic trading account is available for Muslims whose religion forbids working with the accounts where the swap is applied.

In an Islamic account, traders and investors do not pay any fees and do not violate the Muslim law. In addition, traders and investors using an Islamic account can work with all the trading instruments, use leverage, hedge positions, and deposit and withdraw funds in a convenient way.

World Class Trading Platforms

Global Markets Association has provided one the best trading platforms for its clients to execute their trades in the financial market – the Meta Trader 4. The Meta trader (MT4) is a simple, user-friendly, intuitive, and quality trading platform. Traders benefit from a wide variety of inbuilt analytical tools, indicators, oscillators, and automatic strategies.

The MT4 is available on different platforms, such as the MT4 web platform, MT4 terminal, and the MT4 mobile platform.

Meta Trader 4 Web Platform

The MT4 web platform is available on any internet-enabled web browser, with an easy to use interface for both beginners and experienced traders. The web trading platform needs no installation or download, as traders and investors enjoy the complete functionality of the MT4.

Meta Trader 4 Mobile

The downloadable MT4 mobile platform is available as a mobile app with a user-friendly trading interface that allows you to place and manage your trades on the go, while also using the same tools and features as those available on the MT4 desktop platform.

The mobile app enables you to open positions on every CFD assets available on the desktop MT4 platform, monitor your trades and market activities, access your trading account dashboard, deposit funds to your account, and withdraw your earnings while on the go.

In addition to this, the MT4 mobile app provides leading cryptocurrency CFD pairs for a seamless 24/7 trading experience. Global Markets Association offers over twenty (20) crypto pairs, which winnable traders and investors to trade the leading cryptos in the market, such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), and more.

Features of the MT4 trading platform include:

  • An easy to use trading interface
  • Regularly updated news feeds directly on the platform.
  • Free preprogrammed analytical tools
  • Multiple charting and analysis options
  • Multi-language features daily account statements.
  • Real-time client account summary
  • Different trade execution features
  • Alerts and email notifications


Global Markets Association has positioned itself in the financial market as a trusted, legitimate, and reliable brokerage platform that traders and investors can trust with their investments.