GameFi on Ignition: Metacade (MCADE) Preorders Collect $9.3M

  • GameFi Initiative Ignites the Scene
  • VeChain and DappRadar Change Game for Cross-Chain Visibility

GameFi Initiative Ignites the Scene

Five of the six stages of the MCADE token pre-acquisition for Metacade’s GameFi arcade project have been completely sold out, raising an astounding $9.3 million thus far. The sale indicates that just two rounds are left in the presale until the eagerly awaited token is officially published on public markets.

Due to the strong demand for tokens during the most recent presale, MCADE swiftly reached stage 5’s token selling threshold at a rate of $0.0155. The price of tokens in Stage 6 is $0.017; in the final round of the presale, the price will rise to $0.020.

Following the conclusion of the presale, Metacade’s MCADE token will be made accessible on several cryptocurrency platforms, namely Uniswap and Bitmart.

Russell Bennett, Metacade’s CEO, expressed his delight at the significant stakeholders’ and GameFi fans’ interest in the MCADE presale. He said the business is on schedule and will keep the neighborhood posted at every stage.

Observing how the development community has been actively exchanging ideas on Metacade’s social media channels, such as application interfaces and UX designs, has been exciting. Following the presale, the company intends to hire people from its current community as the initiative develops.

Metacade intends to transform the gaming industry using blockchain-established technologies to give an unrivaled play-to-earn interface. With the help of this GameFi initiative, users may earn cryptocurrency while enjoying a selection of arcade games.

The website is a focal point for the play-to-earn community, allowing gamers to network, share gaming advice, and participate in tournaments to win MCADE tokens. MCADE is the currency that powers all platform transactions and acts as the metabolic engine of the Metacade environment.

By completing in-game challenges, chores, and player-vs-player sessions (PvP), players can gain MCADE tokens. In addition, users can also earn tokens for their significant platform efforts, such as publishing game users’ reviews, educating their gaming community, and participating in events.

The Metagrants program, which funds game designers to develop games on the platform, is a feature that attracts investors in particular. The community is asked to vote on the game ideas submitted by the developers, with cash going to the winners. This program enables game designers to materialize their innovative concepts, expanding the selection of games available on the platform.

Also, a well-known blockchain audits company, Certik, has approved Metacade. To ensure the project’s transparency and authenticity, Certik thoroughly investigated and assessed the project’s code and specs and the Metacade team.

With Certik’s clearance, investors are assured that Metacade is reliable and trustworthy because it joins other well-known Certik-accepted companies like Aave, Polygon, and Chiliz.

VeChain and DappRadar Change Game for Cross-Chain Visibility

VeChain has joined forces with DappRadar, a well-known decentralized application (dApp) data analysis system, to give dApps created upon the VeChain platform cross-flow of visibility. The expansion of VeChain environment applications will be supported by this integration’s promotion of their international recognition.

In a tweet announcing the partnership, the VeChain Foundation stated that it was part of its commitment to assisting the VeChain community, which it sees as its “biggest asset.”

The VeChain network’s dApp developers will benefit from this development’s crucial insights into their performance, enabling them to make wise choices about enhancing their services and expanding their reach. VeChain is strengthening its position as a critical player in the blockchain sector by working with DappRadar.

The VeChain Foundation has formally declared that the network’s visibility would increase dramatically due to the integration with DappRadar. This strategic decision will enable around 1.5 million monthly DappRadar subscribers to view and examine the accompanying analytics of dApps operating on the VeChain platform.

Since more people will be exposed to VeChain ecosystems applications due to this connection, their prospects of being adopted and growing will increase.