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FatBTC is a recommended exchange for cryptocurrency trading, the exchange offers all of its clients an intuitive trading platform with good customer service. You can sign up in the link below or continue reading the full FatBTC review to learn more about FatBTC.

FatBTC Review

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Anything from fresh projects, currencies, and the users on cryptocurrency exchanges continues to grow and expand in size. With the numerous options available to investors, it may not be easy to choose an exchange. To assist you in selecting the best exchange, this is a review of a very reputable exchange, FatBTC Exchange. FatBTC is the Seychelles-based controlled cryptocurrency exchange that was founded seven years ago. It supports BTC, ETH, and USD and FAT, the platform’s native currency. The exchange allows many languages. From the higher right side of the FatBTC website, you may choose your preferred language, like the Chinese, Spanish, Russian, and many more languages. You may use a PC to gain entry into the FatBTC site and commence, or you can use the FatBTC apps for automata and iOS. We’ll look into the FatBTC exchange to see how it stacks up against the competition in this article.

Exchange platform FatBTC
Website fatbtc.com
Variety crypto 75
Account Required Yes
Verification Compulsory
Verification levels 2
Trading Platform Web
Payment Method Debit/Credit card, USD wallet, Bank account, ACH transfer Crypto Conversion
Customer Support Email, Phone

FatBTC: What Exactly is it?

A controlled cryptocurrency exchange that was founded in China seven years ago, FatBTC offers pairings with its native token, and BTC, ETH, and USD markets. FatBTC exchange is in English, Spanish, and Chinese, among other languages. The site is straightforward, with clear withdrawal, and deposit options. Its  mechanism, on the other hand, differs significantly from alternative platforms. No minimum is needed to deposit unless it includes a few tokens and Tether (USDT). The exchange safeguards its customers’ money by utilizing HTTPS protocol together with storing them in offline purses.

FatBTC website

FatBTC is a Hong Kong-based exchange that was founded in 2014 and catered mostly to local merchants.  With sixty-five cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin purchasing with Chinese Yuan through bank transfer, e-wallet service, enacting , and investment in local currencies FAT Coin and Fat CNY are among FatBTC’s offerings. Apart from the fact that the company is reliant on the city, nothing more is known. Though Chinese remains the official language on the website, the interface may be changed to English, Chinese Simplified, Spanish, Vietnamese, Russian, and Portuguese.

One of the several Hong Kong cryptocurrency exchanges is FatBTC. Hong Kong has a plethora of coin exchangers. Hong Kong is very near to the Mecca of cryptocurrency trading. However, on its territory, Binance, Bit-Z, and KuCoin are among the many, if not all, rivals to the present exchange. The exchange’s interface is available in Chinese, Chinese (Simplified), English Espanol, Ting Vit, Ukrainian, and Portuguese. You may also change the language on the exchange’s website, located in the upper right corner. The platform is also available for usage on a smartphone or reading tablet. All you have to do now is download the program to your iOS or Android smartphone and start trading.

Features and Options

Fast and Modifiable listing: FatBTC is generally the best option for projects that need to be posted quickly. Customers may use FatBTC’s fast listing options. It takes a couple of business days for ERC projects to be listed. The period for listing a complex coin is seven business days as an option.

FatCloud: FatBTC created FatCloud, a Digital Plus Exchange Program, to aid partners. It is a better SaaS-based exchange system. Join FatBTC as a partner, and you’ll be able to launch an exchange in three days without the need for technical staff or pricing.

Low Fees: FatBTC offers very low cost in almost every exchange transaction. FatBTC doesn’t charge for deposits. The cost for collective action is about 0.2 percent. By activating the deducted  fee button with FAT, anybody may receive five hundredths OFF. Fatcoin is the currency they use to trade.

FatBTC’s responsive assistance is available 24/7 on the website, Twitter, WeChat, and more platforms.

API is Secure: They offer a Websocket API with a realistic State Transfer API that can be accessed through HTTPS queries.

Here is a summary of possible alternate blessings and attractive choices that FatBTC will provide to its users:

The UI is simple to use and understand.

There is widespread acceptance for all cryptocurrencies.

Apps are on the AppStore and the Google store.

Up to eleven languages may be supported.

For deposits, trading, and withdrawals, the KYC procedure is not required. The withdrawal limit for unconfirmed accounts is two BTC every twenty-four hours.

The better engine, which can handle a large number of matches every second.

After subtracting the trading cost, you’ll get a fifth of a percent off.

The most sophisticated API available.

Customer service with a reasonable response time.

You may earn five-hundredths of the referral commission on your friends’ trading fees if they register and use FatBTC.com via the FatBTC referral program. Shoppers will deposit their digital assets in FatBTC bank to receive profit. It continues to make use of unused digital assets to increase wealth.

FatBTC secure API

The Listing Theme is fast and flexible

FatBTC is generally the easiest option for projects that need to be listed. Customers may use FatBTC’s fast listing options. It just takes two business days for ERC initiatives to be listed. The time it takes to list an advanced coin, on the other hand, is around seven business days. FatBTC also has flexible system for a variety of goods.

Fees at FatBTC

This particular exchange has a “flat” cost structure. This means there are no separate costs for takers and makers. Each trading partner must be obligated to pay a certain charge regularly. FatBTC charges a fee of zero.20 percent. When you withdraw BTC, they charge you practically zero (0.0007) BTC. This is significantly less than the global trading average of 0—000812 BTC. In addition, FatBTC does not take fees for the deposits. Wire transfer is a FatBTC’s deposit option. You cannot, however, deposit with a MasterCard. When it comes to purchasing cryptos, the website currently has no restrictions. However, since not all currencies have a large  volume, this may indicate that demand for a few coins fluctuates. Only the maker markets are subject to FatBTC’s zero.2%  costs. This charge may be somewhat lower than the industry norm of zero percent, or 25%. FatBTC does not charge any fees for deposits. The exchange charges a higher withdrawal fee, which varies based on the currency, such as 0.005 BTC, 0.01 ETH, and 0.001 LTC.

Currencies Accepted by FatBTC

FatBTC supports around 60 cryptocurrencies, together with some well-known ones like Bitcoin (BTC), Dash (DASH), Litecoin (LTC), and others. You may purchase a variety of cryptocurrencies with FatBTC using Chinese Yuan or a bank transfer. Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, EOS, Dent, Kin Coin, and other altcoins are among the supported cryptocurrencies. FCNY coin is the exchange’s native cryptocurrency, backed by the Chinese Yuan, similar to how The US dollar backs tether (USDT). Fat Coin is also a coin regarded in high regard by the exchange. FatBTC markets are distinct from other exchanges in that they’re matched with FCNY; Markets matched with Bitcoins, Ethereum Markets, Fat Coin Markets, and USD markets.

FatBTC Safety

There is very little information available about FatBTC’s security procedures. The majority of the time, we notice that the website is secured using HTTPS. In addition, ninety-five percent of user money is kept in cold wallets, and the trader’s area unit is protected via identity and two-factor authentication.

Customer Service

The exchange provides customers with three options for contacting customer service:

  • A live chatbox.
  • A price tag system via which messages can be sent.
  • An act on social media accounts such as messaging and Twitter.

So far, there have been no major issues with the exchange’s customer service. Most traders, on the other hand, like the exchange’s prompt customer service. FatBTC offers a free mobile application for each robot and IOS platform. This FatBTC app is all about FatBTCl and other mobile alternatives.

FatBTC Cloud System

To help partners in building their exchanges, FatBTC created FatCloud. It’s a better SaaS exchange system. Join FatBTC as a partner, and you’ll be able to launch an exchange in three days without the need for technical staff or pricing. You may be looking for a brand with brand domain.


FatBTC has very low fees in the exchange industry. FatBTC will not impose a fee for deposit, and deposits are unit-free. Anybody may receive five hundredths OFF. Bitcoin is the currency they use to trade. Last year, it was ranked 75th OFF. This particular exchange has a “flat” cost structure. This implies that there are no separate costs for takers and makers. In an excessive transaction, each side must pay the same fee. The flat cost at FatBTC is zero percent. The 0.20 percent figure is somewhat lower than the global business average. However, 0.20 percent is somewhat more than the company average when compared to its domestic competitors. This is often due to Hong Kong exchanges having cheaper trading costs than exchanges in other countries.

APIs that are safe

Each WebSocket API with eidetic REST API provided by FatBTC may be accessed by HTTPS. The FatBTC Documentation contains some fine print necessary to utilize the FatBTC API and full specifications for remaining API feeds and endpoints.

Customer Support that responds

FatBTC provides 24/7 assistance via their website, Twitter, WeChat, and more channels. You would be able to submit a call for participation inside the FatBTC facilitated Center if you could not see a solution to your issue. You have the other questions; otherwise, you may send a call for participation by email at 123@fatbtc.com.


Investors from the United States may be hesitant to trade in this country. Their space brings together several elements, resulting in a smart method for non-US crypto exchanges to allow traders from the United States. First and foremost, there is the judicial system in the United States. Several companies that take money from US investors are subject to significant legal responsibilities under the US legal system. Such responsibilities include, among other things, preparing information material by SEC requirements and registering it with the SEC (which may be an arduous process). If you’re from the United States, though, you shouldn’t be too disappointed. Use our Exchange Finder to find a fair exchange in the United States.

TradingView from FatBTC

Different exchanges have different perspectives on trade. There’s also no “this summary is the best” point of view. You must independently check that the trade reads that best fit you are available. The order book, or at least a portion of the order book, a value chart of the selected crypto, and order history are all common features of the displays. They usually have bought and sold boxes as well. Before you choose an exchange, look at the trade read to see if it seems appropriate to you.

Fees for FatBTC withdrawals

Many exchanges offer competitive trading costs, but their withdrawal fees catch you off guard. Assume you’ve met your investing objectives and wish to pay using Bitcoin anywhere in the globe. As a result, you’d want to withdraw the money to attempt. As a result, after you’re halfway out the door, the exchange will compensate for its cheap trading costs by charging you hefty withdrawal fees. FatBTC, on the other hand, does not do so. When you withdraw BTC, they charge you a withdrawal fee of zero.0007 BTC. This is often less than the global business average of zero—000812 BTC. In addition, FatBTC does not charge any fees for crypto deposits.


Wire transfer is a FatBTC’s deposit option. You cannot, however, deposit with a MasterCard. FatBTC is what we consider an entry-level exchange since it allows you to deposit fiat money at all|in the least|in the smallest degree|in any way. According to the FatBTC exchange review, this digital quality exchange/cryptocurrency exchange is based in China. They mostly serve the Chinese market. On the other hand, their website is available in several languages, including English, Chinese, Portuguese, and an alternative.

Users can deposit money into their accounts through wire transfer; however, MasterCard deposits are not permitted. The Chinese Yuan’s owners will make direct deposits in rescript. Users outside of China can make deposits using Bitcoins, Ethereum, or other popular alternative cryptocurrencies.

A lot of information is lost in translation. However, they seem to serve the crypto community via just eighty-four active markets and a limited number of currency pairings, most of which are crypto-to-crypto currency pairs. In addition, a FatBTC exchange review shows that they provide a market maker program for experienced traders and free trading through the FatBTC API. It works with a range of accounts that have no trading fees. A bargainer must bring in or produce a minimum of $100k in volume daily to be eligible for this. A FatBTC exchange assessment also reveals that they retain the right to delist a trade combination if it helps to protect their customers. They’ll delist a trading combination, for example, if there are significant legal issues adversely affecting a project, if there are serious technical and security issues, if the team behind a project disbands if the average trading volume is less than $1000 per day for thirty days, and so on.

Furthermore, they seem to provide 3-day warnings before delistings. They also provide customers with a 30-day window to withdraw delisted coins or digital assets, with the option to close a withdrawal channel after sixty days. FatBTC’s Chinese origins may impede in two ways: first, its English customer support may not be excellent. The second reason is that, given the current legal debate around cryptocurrencies, the exchange may be subject to certain regulations in the future. The exchange has developed and supports two-unit currencies: FCNY and FAT. The Yuan is represented as FCNY, which is similar to USDT, backed by the US currency. FAT is currently listed against several cryptocurrencies. FatBTC seems to utilize the HTTPS protocol for security. Ninety-five percent of brokers’ coins are kept offline, and a two-factor authentication method is used to ensure the user’s security. There hasn’t been any behavior that might indicate a security compromise. As a result, although the exchange seems to be safe in name, an exchange examination shows that it is vulnerable to hacking. The majority of users store their money in their wallets, which are kept on camera.


Because the only legal deposits can be made in the Chinese Yuan, FatBTC may be a good exchange for Chinese and Hong Kong users. The main source of worry is the lack of information about the company’s license, security procedures, or engineers and founders. For aggressive traders, the low 24-hour volumes are also a disadvantage. Overall, though, the site seems simple to use for beginners because of its many marketplaces and cheap costs.