Crypto Exchange Sponsors Ukraine Soccer Team

According to Forklog, a crypto news outlet, a European crypto exchange based in Ukraine, Whitebit, has announced a long-term collaboration with the Ukraine national football team. Following this deal, it will display its imprint during the team’s matches.

The exchange platform added that the partnership would support the Ukrainian sport and advance the Ukrainian crypto space. The company reported that the exchange and the fans were delighted to partner with Ukrainian Football Team.

According to reports, Whitebit will remain the team’s official cryptocurrency partner for the next three years. In addition, the company promised to hold several educational and entertainment events for individuals who want to acquire more knowledge about blockchain and competitions for fans in the House of Soccer in Kyiv.

Ukraine has survived on contributions in several digital coins following the Russian invasion to fund defensive and humanitarian efforts. Binance and Whitebit, along with other major cryptocurrency exchanges, are among the companies that offered a helping hand.

The deal aims to engage football fans in a joint project to develop the widespread use of digital coins and blockchain in Ukraine’s entertainment sector and the nation.

Miss Universe Dresses in a Bitcoin Outfit.

Alejandro Guajardo, a Miss Universe contestant, and a Salvadoran beauty, made a statement by coming on stage dressed in a bitcoin gold bodysuit as gratitude to her nation for being the world’s first country to adopt and embrace the crypto-currency, a legal entity a couple of years ago.

The theme included a huge colon coin ringed by cacao beans that strapped her back and a top with a golden bitcoin. The colon was said to have been the local currency for over a century. The country also used cacao for trade across Mesoamerica.

She highlighted the positive image of her nation’s future while pointing out the criticism that attracted her country when the government decided to adopt and embrace Bitcoin as a legal entity alongside the US dollar. The Salvadoran lady is reportedly competing in the worldwide contest, the 71st yearly event in New Orleans.

Bitconnect Victims Allocated Over 17 Million dollars in Reimbursement

According to the DOJ, more than 17 million dollars in Reimbursement will be refunded to about eight hundred victims from over forty countries due to funds lost to Bitconnect. In addition, the multi-million crypto investment scheme scammed thousands of customers worldwide.

Following the court proceedings, the prominent United States promoter of Bitconnect, Glenn Arcaro, pleaded guilty to allegations of committing wire fraud. In addition, he announced that he marketed digital coin exchange and Bitconnect’s s initial coin distribution as a lucrative investment to exploit customers’ interest in crypto.

According to the DOJ of the United States, Bitconnect operated a Ponzi scheme that paid earlier Bitconnect customers with money from late customers. Glenn and his team ensured that at least 15% of the accumulated funds in Bitconnect went directly to accounts that benefited its promoters and owners.

Arcaro was convicted of committing wire fraud and sent to the United States federal prison for thirty-eight months. He was reported to have earned around twenty-four million from the conspiracy.

In November of last year, the DOJ announced that all the funds would be refunded to customers or handed over to the government. In addition, the DOJ had sold $56 million worth of digital assets confiscated from Bitconnect.