Chinese’s Top Crypto News Site ChainNews Suspended as Crackdown Continues

China was considered a hub of crypto mining not so long ago. Due to the availability of innovative hardware and graphics equipment making its round first in China, a huge community of crypto miners settled up there and started the mining operation. They could rent out space for setting up their mining operations, electricity was fairly cost-effective, and there was no regulatory push back, which could propose a challenge at the time. Thus China became a rolling sensation for crypto miners, and more than 50% of the hash rate for Bitcoin came from China before the mid-May crash.

No one knows the exact reason why China imposed such a severe crackdown against crypto miners, it is as if the state officials woke up one day, and out of the blue, they thought that they don’t want anything to do with crypto mining. To state the obvious, it was not a spur-of-the-moment decision, but the crypto community-based in China had it coming from miles away. Crypto mining induces heavy penalties for our environment, and according to a recent pact that China made to bring its carbon emission equal to zero by 2060, the crypto mining business had to stop.

Major News Agencies in China Suspended

China didn’t stop there as moving further; it issued legal notices to crypto exchanges operating within the country that they are not permitted to serve the local clientele; they should only keep their operations limited to international clients. Now, after all this, the state is after crypto news sites operating within China. Many popular Chinese news agencies and websites providing valuable news around cryptocurrency have been shut down. ChainNews has been issued a notice that they can’t operate anymore within China, providing crypto news of any kind.

On November 15, there was this tweet made by the news agency that it would go down for about 8 to 10 hours because of maintenance, but since then, it hasn’t come on. Now it is believed that the same site is publishing its content on an alternative URL by the name of This is how bad the overall situation has gone in China, and it seems that media is not at liberty anymore to present the common people with the news of what’s going around in there.