China’s BSN Announces Integration of Tezos onto Its International Portal

The Blockchain Service Network (BSN), a blockchain project backed by the Chinese government, has integrated support for the Tezos blockchain onto its BSN international portal. BSN International is basically a global public network for blockchain projects and companies. The new integration will allow worldwide developers to build their projects on the Tezos blockchain through China’s BSN network.

Integration of the Tezos blockchain into BSN International

According to an official announcement made by BSN on September 24, the Tezos blockchain has been integrated with BSN International. Through this integration, developers from across the whole world will be able to access the Tezos protocol via global public city portals and nodes of the Blockchain Service Network.

So far, as per the BSN announcement, only three global public city nodes which are currently in Hong Kong, Paris, and California have been integrated with the Tezos blockchain.

For the creation of their own blockchain projects on the Tezos mainnet, developers will need to access permissionless services. However, developers are required to create an account on the Blockchain Service Network’s official global website. And then, they will be able to manage and deploy their own permissioned chains affordably and easily within the time frame of only one hour. Moreover, all of the public chains as well as APIs given by the Tezos network will be accessible to them.

As per the announcement, the Tezos blockchain is one of those blockchains that have been selected for the integration with BSN International. The Blockchain Service Network has initially chosen six blockchains in the first batch including the Ethereum blockchain, the EOS blockchain, the Cosmos’ IRISnet blockchain, the NEO blockchain, and Nervos.

After completing the first batch of blockchains, the Chinese government-backed blockchain project is now thinking about initiating the second batch for integrating three additional blockchain networks onto its international portal. These include the Solana blockchain, the ShareRing blockchain, as well as the Algorand blockchain. BSN has set the goal to integrate around 40 blockchains with BIS International till June 2021.