Charles Hoskinson Is Expecting 90 Busiest Days In The History Of Cardano

In a time when numerous cryptocurrencies are working tirelessly to secure their respective places among the top-ranked cryptocurrencies in the world as a result of Bitcoin steadily diminishing in value, there is one participant that has managed to stand above the rest. This is, of course, Charles Hoskinson’s Cardano project and its ADA token, which as of the time of this writing, is currently trading at a price of $1.49, which is a 9.8% increase since yesterday.

With this in mind, Hoskinson has hence stated that the next few months are going to be the most difficult and busiest days that the Cardano team has ever experienced, as we get ever closer to the much-anticipated Alonzo hard fork being launched soon.

Smart contracts to finally be rolled out

As Hoskinson readies his project for the eventual launch and rollout of the smart contracts, he has also stated that Cardano and its entire ecosystem and preparing for perhaps the most challenging 3-month period in the project’s history.

Furthermore, he had also made it known that the launch of the Alonzo mainnet is scheduled to take place sometime this upcoming August. This announcement had been made during the Cardano 360 event, which had taken place this past March. Cardano’s creator has also said that it is absolutely vital that any members of the community who may have been working on or can present viable projects be entitled to receive the support which they may desperately need.

Lastly, Hoskinson had also stated that the dApps (decentralized applications) and the browser experience related to them have to be improved in order to enhance security, safety, and user-friendliness.

Expectations have to be managed

Despite Cardano’s recent success, Hoskinson wanted to remind everyone that the Alonzo hard fork has every chance of not actually being on the mainnet within the next 90 days. The reason for this warning is because he believes that his words have been misinterpreted in the past, and so he, therefore, wishes everyone to know exactly what is going on beforehand.

Furthermore, although Hoskinson himself tends to abhor delays, he has nevertheless urged his supporters and followers to act cautiously and ‘manage their expectations.’ He does hope that the Alonzo hard fork launch will occur as per the given timeframe, but nothing can be said with absolute and pinpoint accuracy. Lastly, he stated that the precise deadlines are to be revealed within the next three days.