Chainlink (LINK) Gains 10% Following New Roadmap and Staking News

Chainlink ended Tuesday with stable support as network news triggered uptrends. Staking remains a crucial price driver for the market and investors.

  • Tuesday sessions saw LINK gaining nearly 10%, ending the day near $8.70.
  • The token received upside support from the new roadmap release.
  • Vital technical indicators flash bullishness, with LINK staying beyond 200-day Exponential Moving Average.

Chainlink (LINK) gained about 10% on Tuesday, extending Monday’s 4.33% surge to end the day near $8.70. Afternoon bullishness as Bitcoin bounced off the $29,210-day low delivered backing.

Moreover, the crypto space received support from risk appetite surges within the U.S equity markets. However, LINK’s breakout emerged as investors reacted to Chainlink updates.

Chainlink Unveils New Roadmap & Staking Plan

Chainlink declared the network’s roadmap, long-term objectives, and LINK staking implementation on 7 June. The announcement reveals Chainlink’s long-term goals, a guide behind the platform developments, and success definers as staking matures.

Chainlink’s Long-Term Goals are:

  • Increase Chainlink Services user assurance and crypto-economic security.
  • Allow community contribution within the network.
  • Generate stable rewards from long-term usage.
  • Empower node operators to enjoy value jobs via staking.

The announcement added capping the first v0.1 staking pool size, offering allotments to the oracle network’s coordinator, community members, and node operators. Meanwhile, the pool will launch with 25 million Chainlink tokens (aggregate size), planning to scale towards 75 million coins based on demand after launch.

Staking bonuses will cap at 5% in v0.1, then vary following the v1 release, as rewards will rely on user commitment periods and fees.

LINK Price Action

While publishing this content, LINK traded with a slight 0.16% drop at $8.69. the token should keep the pivot at $8.33 away to explore the initial resistance zone at $9.36. Meanwhile, the broad market sentiment would back breakouts past $8.98 Tuesday’s peak.

Extended surges will likely push LINK towards the second massive resistance at $10. However, losing the $8.33 pivot can see the alternative token hitting the initial support at $7.68. excluding continued downtrends during the day, Chainlink should avoid moves towards sub-$7.50. Another dependable barrier stands at $6.66.

The 4hr and EMAs char presented bullishness as LINK traded beyond the 200-day Exponential Moving Average, currently near $8.17.

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