CEO of Shopify Is Taking An Interest In Ethereum And DeFi

Chief Executive Officer at Shopify, Mr. Tobi Lutke, has started to show interest in investing in the crypto sector. In a recent public tweet, Tobi said that he is spending his precious time trying to learn about how Ethereum-based smart contracts and the popular Ethereum tokens ERC20 are used in the crypto space for trading. Later on, Tobi also asked popular social media platform Twitter for e-commerce trading chances in the DeFi network.

This might be a huge thing, not only for the DeFi network but also the whole cryptocurrency network in general. If more of these big companies start to take an interest in adding more payment options such as crypto, then it will be beneficial for everyone in the crypto space looking for trade opportunities to complete as there will be a much larger market to roam around. Crypto currently still hasn’t hit the majority of the market, but seeing all of the recent trends and boom in popularity, it is looking very obvious that it might eventually take over the market.

Each and every day, there are new crypto users, traders, farmers around the world seeking chances of success on the crypto market. Many large companies like Tesla have integrated Bitcoin payment onto their networking, providing buyers to gain flexibility in payment options. There are many people around the world who now trust crypto more than standard currency.

The numbers have been increasing at a very fast pace during the past few years, indicating that there is much more to come. Many large-scale investors are showing interest in utilizing the crypto market for benefits while also contributing to the growth of the crypto space. Visa, which is one of the world’s biggest payment bridges, also enabled crypto into their network, which shows how much important crypto trading is in the market as of now.

Co-founder of Open Money Initiative and board member of Mina Foundation also stated that the addition of stablecoin payments via tokens is a huge plus point for any business or platform as it will not only allow flexibility in payments but will also help merchants and many token-based fundraisers around the world. Popular crypto investor David Lach also stated the significance of staking in the market, which will help around the completing trades using yield.