Cardano Foundation Says It Now Aims At The Launch Of Decentralized SPO

The team behind Cardano is working tirelessly to be able to have the network’s SPO (Stake Pool Operator) be decentralized following the decision to have the community be granted total control of the block production.

This development of the SPO had first been revealed by Input Output Hong Kong, and Cardano has since said that the decentralization of the SPO shall be utilized to establish an effective and reliable connection between the various distributed nodes. IOHK has also stated that there is a requirement of the Cardano network’s software to be updated and enhanced prior to being able to have the SPO be decentralized, and so the 1st phase included the activation of the P2P governor and the subsequent release of the testnet, and also having the respective connection manager be deployed as well. All of this had occurred last month in April.

As of right now, the team is hard at work having the testnet for engineering be checked and analyzed prior to the deployment of the aforementioned P2P testnet, which is geared towards a specific class of the SPOs.

Relay nodes being utilized

Before the abovementioned process of decentralized can actually take place, the SPOs were functioning on various relay nodes all over the world for the purposes of generating the required respective configuration so that peers could be linked. Furthermore, as the decentralization had been accomplished, the SPO shall also be able to improve efficiency and effectiveness for the purposes of supporting the node communication to occur automatically without the need of the relay nodes.

In related news, Cardano had revealed last month that complete decentralization had been reached as far as the block production was concerned. IOHK stated the decentralization process had been gradual, but it was still nonetheless a vital step towards the formation of a truly independent protocol that would be free from intervention on the part of certain various authorities.

Cardano steadily rising

The recent increase in price and popularity could also be attributed to IOHK and its objective of obtaining use cases that exhibit real-world practical application for the cryptocurrency’s blockchain. Apart from trending in places such as Australia, Ireland, and the Netherlands, Cardano is also being utilized by Ethiopia for the purposes of improving educational attainment as well.